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Signs of a Living or Growing Christian:
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Source Description:
(caption title) Signs of a Living or Growing Christian
(series) Evangelical Tract Society, Petersburg, Va. No. 184
4 p.
Petersburg, Va.
Evangelical Tract Society
[between 1861 and 1865]

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No. 184
Petersburg, Va.


                         The Righteous shall flourish like a Palm tree; he shall grow like a Cedar in Lebanon. Psalm xcii. 12.


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Page 7

        N. B. The reader must peruse this from the middle upwards and downwards.


        I would see Jesus in prosperity, that her fascinating light may not lead me to dreadful precipice; but, that his good spirit may whisper to my heart the noble inducements Christians have to devise liberal things; that I may ever be saying, "What am I, O Lord, that thou shouldst put into my heart to do these things, when the earth is thine and the fullness thereof? It is but thine own which I return unto thee."

        I would see Jesus in adversity, because he is a friend born for such a state; because, when all the fallacious props of happiness give way,

Page 8

his single name alone supports the building. I would see Jesus in adversity, that I might order my cause before him, for he has all power in heaven and on earth, and easily can arrange future events, so as to throw lustre on the darkest circumstances.

        I would see Jesus in health, that I may turn at his gentlest reproof; that I may not be full and forget God, and be devoted, body as well as soul to his praise.

        I would see Jesus in sickness, because he healeth all my diseases; he alone dispenses the balm of Gilead; he alone is the physician there.

        I would see Jesus in ordinances, for what are ordinances destitute of him? As the body without the spirit is dead, so are ordinances without Christ. He shows himself through the latices, he appears in his beauty, he is as the dew unto Israel, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land; his people sit under his shade with great delight; his fruit is pleasant to their taste. They say continually in ordinances, "Make haste, O my beloved; be thou like a young hart upon the mountains."

        I would see Jesus in social intercourse. For what are the charms of friendship? What the refinements of taste? What the pleasures of conversation? [A]re they not all unsatisfying and delusive, unless sanctified by the grace of the Redeemer?

        I would see Jesus in my own heart, as Lord of its affections, of its purposes, of its pleasures; as the grand mover of its hopes and fears; the author of its existence and happiness.

        I would see Jesus in death, as the Sun of Righteousness, whose beams, in the darkest moments, can spread light and healing. I would listen to his voice, saying, "To him that overcometh I will give to eat of the tree of life." "Fear not, I have the keys of hell and death." Arise, O thou wearied follower of thy crucified Lord, and enter into thy rest.

        I would see Jesus in glory, for, what is heaven itself without him? But when we shall see him as he is, then shall we be like him, and be forever happy in his presence.

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