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Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998

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V. & C.


Page 3


President of the Confederate States.

        Residence corner 12th and Clay streets. Office--Custom-house,second floor. Office hours from 11 to 12.

Secretary of State.

        Residence, second door from Foushee, on Main street. Office--Custom-house. Office hours from 11 to 12.

Secretary of the Treasury.

        Residence at G. A. Myers, Esq., on 12th street, two doors from Broad street. Office--Custom-house, second floor. Office hours from 10 to 12.

Secretary of War.

        Residence, Franklin street, between 7th and 8th streets, south-side. Office--Mechanics' Hall, first floor. Office hours from 10 to 1 P. M.

Page 4

Secretary of the Navy.

        Residence, Main street, between 3rd and 4th streets, south-side. Office--Mechanics' Hall, second floor. Office hours from 12 to 2 P. M.

Postmaster General.

        Residence, Powhatan Hotel. Office--corner Bank and 11th streets, second floor, Post-Office Department. Office hours from 10 to 12.

Department of Justice.

        Residence, Mr. Ratcliff's, Broad street, opposite Monumental Church. Office--Mechanics' Hall, second floor. Office hours from 10 to 12.

Page 5


State, Names, Post-offices, and Residences of C. S. Senators, 2nd Session of the Permanent Government.

Virginia, R. M. T. Hunter, Lloyds, Essex County. Miss. A. Nicholas, corner of 8th and Leigh.
" W. B. Preston, Blacksburg. Franklin, between Adams and Foushee.
North Carolina, Geo. Davis, Charlotte. Mrs. Barksdale's, Grace st. bet. 3rd and 4th.
" W. T. Dortch, Goldsboro'. Exchange Hotel.
South Carolina, R. W. Barnwell, Graniteville. Mrs. Young's, 7th street, above Cary.
" James L. Orr, Anderson. Corner Grace and Madison street.
Georgia, John W. Lewis, Cartersville, Bartow Co. Mr. Reins', corner Main and 2d streets.
" B. H. Hill, Lagrange. Spotswood Hotel, No. 76.
Alabama, W. L. Yancey, Montgomery. Mrs. Young's, corner Marshall and 7th st.
" C. C. Clay, Jr., Huntsville. Mrs. Wynn's, on Grace, above 1st street.
Florida, James M. Baker, Lake City. Spotswood Hotel, No. 88.
" E. A. Maxwell, Pensacola. T. W. Brockenbrough, corner Clay and 4th.
Mississippi, A. G. Brown, Terry, Hines County. Arlington House.
" James Phelan, Aberdeen. Spotswood Hotel.
Louisiana, Ed. Sparrow, Providence, Carroll Parish. Major Elliott's, 11th street.
" T. J. Semmes, New Orleans. American Hotel, No. 67.
Texas, L. T. Wigfall, Marshall. Mrs. Wynn's, on Grace, above 1st street.
" W. S. Oldham, Benham. Mrs. Quarles', 3d door from Marshall, on [12th street.
Arkansas, R. W. Johnston, Camden.  
" C. B. Mitchell, Washington. Exchange Hotel, No. 39.
Kentucky, H. C. Burnett, Cadiz, Trigg County. Spotswood Hotel, No. 96.
" W. E. Simms, Paris, Bourbon County. Corner Grace and Madison streets.
Missouri, J. B. Clark, Fayette. Spotswood Hotel, No. 50.
" R. L. Y. Peyton, Harrisonville, Cass County. Exchange Hotel, No. 103.
Tennessee, G. A. Henry, Clarkesville. Mr. Elliott's, 11th street, beyond Marshall.
" L. C. Haynes, Knoxville. Arlington House, No. 19.

Page 6

Standing Committees of the Senate of the Confederate States.

        1. Foreign Affairs.--James L. Orr, chairman, Wm. L. Yancey, Louis T. Wigfall, John B. Clark, Wm. Ballard Preston.

        2. Finance.--Robert W. Barnwell, chairman, Robert M. T. Hunter, George Davis, Thomas J. Semmes, Gustavus A. Henry.

        3. Commerce.--Clement C. Clay, chairman, Augustus E. Maxwell, Wm. T. Dortch, R. L. Y. Peyton, Henry C. Burnett.

        4. Military Affairs.--Edward Sparrow, chairman, Wm. Ballard Preston, Robert W. Johnson, Louis T. Wigfall, Gustavus A. Henry.

        5. Naval Affairs.--Albert G. Brown, chairman, W. S. Oldham, James M. Baker, Wm. E. Simms, Wm. T. Dortch.

        6. Judiciary.--Benj. H. Hill, chairman, Landon C. Haynes, James Phelan, Thomas J. Semmes, Henry C. Burnett.

        7. Indian Affairs.--Robert W. Johnson, chairman, Clement C. Clay, W. S. Oldham, R. L. Y. Peyton, Wm. E. Simms.

        8. Post-Offices and Post-Roads.--W. S. Oldham, chairman, John B. Clarke, Landon C. Haynes, Charles B. Mitchell, James M. Baker.

        9. Public Lands.--John B. Clarke, chairman, James M. Baker, Wm. L. Yancey.

        10. Patents.--Augustus E. Maxwell, chairman, Landon C. Haynes, Benjamin H. Hill.

Page 7

        11. Claims.--George Davis, chairman, Henry C. Burnett, R. L. Y. Peyton.

        12. Territories.--Louis T. Wigfall, chairman, Albert G. Brown, Wm. L. Yancey.

        13. Accounts.--Charles B. Mitchell, chairman, William T. Dortch, Wm. E. Simms.

        14. Printing.--James Phelan, chairman, B. H. Hill, John B. Clarke.

        15. Enrollment and Engrossment.--James Phelan, chairman, A. E. Maxwell, C. B. Mitchell.

Page 8


State, Names, Post-Offices, and Residences of Members of the C. S. House of Representatives.

Virginia, 1 M. R. H. Garnett, Loretto, Essex county. Spotswood Hotel.
" 2 J. R. Chambliss, Hicksford. Arlington House, on Main, bet 6th and 7th streets.
" 3 James Lyons, Richmond. Richmond House.
" 4 Charles F. Collier, Petersburg. Arlington House.
" 5 Thos. S. Bocock, Appomattox Court-house. Corner of Grace and Madison streets.
" 6John Goode, Jr., Liberty. Mr. John Wynn's, Grace st., op. Baptist Church.
" 7 James P. Holcombe, Charlottesville. Hon. W. B. Preston's, on Franklin street.
" 8 D. C. Dejarnette, Bowling Green, Caroline. do do do do
" 9 W. Smith, Warrenton. Corner of 3rd and Main streets.
" 10 A. R. Boteler. Shepherdstown. Ballard House, No. 52.
" 11 J. B. Baldwin, Augusta county. Do
" 12 W. R. Staples, Christiansburg. Do
" 13 W. Preston, Abingdon. Ballard House, No. 38.
" 14      
" 15 Ro. Johnston, Clarksburg. R. Mills', s s of 7th, bet Clay and Leigh streets.
" 16 C. W. Russell, Wheeling. Mrs. Wynn's Boarding-house, Grace st, above 1st.
No. Carolina, 1 W. N. H. Smith, Murfreesboro'. Misses Yerby's, 5th street, between Clay and Leigh.
" 2 R. R. Bridges, Tarboro'. Exchange and Ballard House, No. 49.
" 3 O. R. Kernan, Kenansville. Mrs. Brocks', Franklin street, bet 3d and 4th.
" 4 T. D. McDowell, Elizabethtown. Misses Yerby's, 5th st, between Clay and Leigh.
" 5 A. H. Arrington, Hilliardston. Exchange and Ballard House, No. 76.
" 6 J. R. McLean, Greensboro'. Mrs. Brocks', Franklin st., bet 3rd and 4th.
" 7 W. S. Ashe, Wadesboro'. Arlington House, No. 22.
" 8 W. Lander, Lincolnton. Exchange Hotel, No. 275.
" 9 B. S. Gaither. Morganton. Do
" 10 A. T. Davidson, Murphey. Mrs. Brocks', Franklin st., between 3rd and 4th.

Page 9

So. Carolina, 1 John McQueen, Bennettsville. Spotswood Hotel.
" 2 W. P. Miles, Charleston. Do
" 3 L. M. Ayer, Buford's Bridge. Mr. Davis', 2d door from corner of 8th and Clay sts.
" 4 M. L. Bonham, Edgefield. Exchange Hotel.
" 5James Farrow, Spartanburg Court-house. R. M. Stevenson's, 7th street, north of Leigh.
" 6 W. W. Boyce, Winnsboro'. Mrs. Macon's house, 7th st, bt Franklin and Grace,
Georgia, 1 J. Hartridge, Savannah. Spotswood Hotel.
" 2 C. J. Munnerlyn, Bainbridge. Misses Yerby's, 5th st, between Clay and Leigh.
" 3 H. Bolt, Columbus. Spotswood Hotel.
" 4 A. H. Kenan, Milledgeville. Powhatan Hotel.
" 5 D. W. Lewis, Sparta. Miss Yerby's, 5th street, bet Clay and Leigh.
" 6 W. W. Clark, Covington. Do do do do
" 7 R. P. Trippe, Forsyth. Do do do do
" 8 L. J. Gartrell, Atlanta. American Hotel.
" 9 H. Strickland, Cumming, Mrs. Paine's, corner 2nd and Main sts.
" 10 A. R. Wright, Rome. Do do do do
Alabama, T. J. Foster, Courtland. Arlington House.
" 2 W. R. Smith, Tuscaloosa. Mrs. Quarles', 12th street.
" 3 J. P. Ralls, Centre. Mr. Thomas', Franklin st, bt 3d and 4th.
" 4 J. L. M. Curry, Talladega A. H. Sands', cor 1st and Grace streets.
" 5 F S. Lyon, Demopolis. J. Alfred Jones, 6th st, bt Franklin and Main.
" 6 W. P. Chilton, Montgomery. Richmond House.
" 7 D. Clopton, Tuskegee. A. H. Sands', corner 1st and Grace streets.
" 8 J. L. Pugh, Eufaula. Mrs. Wynn's on Grace, above 1st st.
" 9 E. S. Dargan, Mobile. 6th st, second door from the corner of Franklin.
Florida, 1 J. B. Dankins, Gainesville. Spotswood Hotel.
" 2 R B. Hilton, Tallahassee. Misses Yerby's, 5th st, bt Clay and Leigh.
Mississippi, 1 J. W. Clapp, Holly Springs. Mr. Thomas', Franklin st, bt 3d and 4th.
" 2 R. Davis, Aberdeen. Exchange Hotel.
" 3 Israel Welsh, Macon. Mrs. Quarles', 12th st, bt Clay and Marshall.
" 4 H. C. Chambers, Sunflower Landing. Spotswood Hotel.

Page 10

Mississippi[,] 5 O. R. Singleton, Canton. Mrs. Lyons', Grace st, op Catholic Church.
" 6 E. Barksdale, Jackson. Spotswood Hotel.
" 7 J. J. McRae, Bucatunna. Do
Louisiana, 1 C. Y. Villere, New Orleans. 8th street, between Grace and Franklin.
" 2 C. M. Conrad, New Orleans. Spotswood Hotel.
" 3 D. F. Kenner, New River P. O. J. P. Benjamin's Main st, bt Foushee and Adams.
" 4 L. J. Dupre, Opelousas City. 8th st, bt Grace and Franklin.
" 5 Henry Marshall, Blackjack P. O. Mrs. C. A. Gwatkin's, corner 11th and Broad sts.
" 6 J. Perkins, Jr., Ashwood. Corner of Franklin and Adams.
Texas, 1 J. A. Wilcox, San Antonio, Miss Murray's, Main st, bt 7th and 6th.
" 2 C. C. Herbert, Eagle Lake. Clifton House.
" 3 P. W. Gray, Houston. Miss Murray's, Main st, bt 7th and 6th.
" 4 F. B, Sexton, San Augustine. Do do do
" 5. M. D. Graham, Henderson. Do do do
" 6 W. B. Wright, Paris, Lamar county. Clifton House.
Arkansas, 1 Felix J. Batson, Clarksville, Exchange Hotel, No. 243.
" 2 G. D. Royston, Washington. Do No. 36.
" 3 A. H. Garland, Little Rock. Exchange Hotel.
" 4 Thomas B. Hanly, Helena. Arlington House.
Tennessee, 1 J. B. Heiskell, Rogersville. G. W. Peake's, Ross street.
" 2 W. G. Swan, Knoxville. Spotswood Hotel, No. 139.
" 3 W. H. Tibbs, Cleveland. Do
" 4 E. F. Gardenshire, Sparta, White county.Do
" 5 H. S. Foote, Nashville. Mr. Liggon's, on 26th and Franklin streets.
" 6 M. P. Gentry, Richmond. Exchange Hotel, No. 54.
" 7 George W. Jones,Fayetteville. Spotswood Hotel, No. 73.

Page 11

" 8 Thomas Menees, Springfield. Spotswood Hotel, No. 73.
" 9 J. D. C. Atkins, Paris. Corner Marshall and 3d streets.
" 10 J. V. Wright, Purdy. Exchange Hotel, No. 73.
" 11 D. M. Currin, Memphis. Arlington House, No. 6.
Missouri, 1 W. M. Cook, St Louis. Spotswood Hotel.
" 2 T. A. Harris, Hannibal. Mrs. Nicholas', Linden Row, Franklin st, bt 1st & 2d.
" 3 C. W. Bell, Brunswick. Do do do do
" 4 A. H. Conrow, Richmond. Do do do do
" 5 G. G. Vest Boonville. Exchange Hotel, No. 279.
" 6 L. W. Freeman, Bolivar. Mrs. Nicholas', Linden Row, Franklin st, do
" 7      
Kentucky[,] 1 W. B. Machen, Eddyville, Lyon county. Mrs. Claiborne's, Broad street.
" 2 J. W. Crockett, Henderson. Carlton House, 12th street.
" 3 H. E. Read, Elizabethtown. Spotswood Hotel.
" 4 George W. Ewing, Russellville. Powhatan Hotel.
" 5 J. S. Chrisman, Monticello. Mrs. James', bt Franklin st and 4th.
" 6 T. L. Burnett, Taylorsville.  
" 7 H. W. Bruce, Louisville. Mrs. S. E. Shelton's, Leigh st, bt 8th and 9th, north [side, three doors from 9th.
" 8 G. B. Hodge, Newport. Mrs. Wynne's, Grace st, bt 1st and Foushee.
" 9 E. M. Bruce, Maysville, Mason county. Spotswood Hotel.
" 10 J. W. Moore, Mount Sterling. Mrs. S. E. Shelton's, Leigh st, bt 8th and 9th, north side, three doors from 9th.
" 11 R. J. Breckenridge,    
" 12 J. M. Elliott, Prestonburg. Mrs. James', corner of Franklin and 3d streets.

Page 12

Standing Committees of the House of Representatives.

        Elections--Smith, North Carolina, Vest, Missouri, Staples, Virginia, Crockett, Kentucky, Gardenhire, Tennessee, Curry, Alabama, Clapp, Mississippi, Dorkins, Florida, Trippe, Georgia.

        Ways and Means--Kenner, Louisiana, Jones, Tennessee, Bonham, South Carolina, Garnett, Virginia, McRae, Mississippi, Lyon, Alabama, Machen, Kentucky, Holt, Georgia, Graham, Texas.

        Military Affairs--Miles, South Carolina, Collier, Virginia, Kenan, Georgia, Pugh, Alabama, Davis, Mississippi, Harris, Missouri, Swan, Tennessee, Bridgers, North Carolina, Batson, Arkansas.

        Foreign Affairs--Perkins, Louisiana, Foote, Tennessee, W. R. Smith, Alabama, De Jarnette, Virginia, Barksdale, Mississippi, McQueen, South Carolina, Breckinridge, Kentucky, Walter Preston, Virginia, McLean, North Carolina.

        Naval Affairs--Conrad, Louisiana, Boyce, South Carolina, Wright, Georgia, Clopton, Alabama, Currin, Tennessee, Smith, Virginia, Gaither, North Carolina, Dawkins, Florida, Chambliss, Virginia.

        Judiciary--Gartrell, Georgia, Russell, Virginia, Dargan, Alabama, Moore, Kentucky, Garland, Arkansas, Heiskell, Tennessee, Gray, Texas, Ashe, North Carolina, Holcombe, Virginia.

        Commerce--Curry, Alabama, Trippe, Georgia, Cook, Missouri, McDowell, North Carolina, Lyons, Virginia, Sexton, Texas, Villere,

Page 13

Louisiana, H. A. Bruce, Kentucky, Chambers, Mississippi.

        Post Offices and Post-Roads--Chilton, Alabama, Conrow, Missouri, Royston, Arkansas, Johnston, Virginia, Davidson, North Carolina, Clark, Georgia, Welsh, Mississippi, Hilton, Florida, Herbert, Texas.

        Territories and Public Lands--Wilcox, Texas, Marshall, Louisiana, Jenkins, Virginia, Freeman, Missouri, Foster, Alabama, Batson, Arkansas, Lewis, Georgia, Ewing, Kentucky, Menees, Tennessee.

        Indian Affairs--Singleton, Mississippi, Elliott, Kentucky, Hanly, Arkansas, Dupree, Louisiana, Goode, Virginia, Tibbs, Tennessee, Wright, Texas, Arrington, North Carolina, Rawls, Alabama.

        Patents--Bell, Missouri, Lander, North Carolina, Read, Kentucky, Chilton, Alabama, Staples, Virginia, Marshall, Louisiana, Hilton, Florida, Strickland, Georgia, Wright, Texas.

        Claims--W. Smith, Virginia, Clopton, Alabama, Burnett, Kentucky, Villere, Louisiana, Clapp, Mississippi, McLean, North Carolina, Munnerlyn, Georgia, Farrow, South Carolina, Gardenhire, Tennessee.

        Accounts--McQueen, South Carolina, Foster, Alabama, Kenan, North Carolina, Strickland, Georgia, Hanly, Arkansas.

        Rules and Officers of the House--Jones, Tennessee, Perkins, Louisiana, Boteler, Virginia, Lewis, Georgia, Smith, North Carolina.

        Pay and Mileage--Burnett, Kentucky, Singleton, Mississippi, Bridgers, North Carolina.

        Enrolled Bills--Elliott, Kentucky, Chambers, Mississippi, Tibbs, Tennessee.

Page 14

        Printing--Barksdale, Mississippi, Jenkins, Virginia, A. R. Wright, Georgia, Menees, Tennessee, Dupre, Louisiana.

        Public Buildings--Lyons, Virginia, Pugh, Alabama, Currin, Tennessee.

        Flag and Seal--Boteler, Virginia, W. R. Smith, Alabama, Gray, Texas.

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Page 20



Depots for the Deposit or Supplies for the Army from the different States.

Page 22



Locations of the different Hotels.

Page 23


Discount Days of the following Banks.