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Albert Y. Drummond
Drummond's Pictorial Atlas of North Carolina
Charlotte: Albert Y. Drummond, Winston-Salem: Scoggin Printing Company, Inc., c1924.


Albert Y. Drummond's Pictorial Atlas of North Carolina was designed to provide North Carolinians and people from other states with information about various areas of the state. Drummond does not necessarily present his data objectively—he is clearly a booster, encouraging readers "to become a part of the life of her [North Carolina's] people, whether he be a manufacturer, an agriculturalist, a business or professional man, a laborer or whatever be his vocation—he must be brought to North Carolina." The atlas provides statistics relating to and descriptions of North Carolina resources, including colleges and schools, highways, farming, and manufacturing. All of the regions and the most populous cities in the state are briefly described, and several pictures of buildings, roads, and natural scenes are included. A paragraph about the history, population, and financial status of each of North Carolina's counties is followed by more facts about North Carolina's strengths and benefits.

Monique Prince

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