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North Carolina Emergency Relief Administration, J. S. Kirk (Jacob Sydney), 1909-, edited by, Walter A. Cutter (Walter Alrey), 1902-, edited by, and Thomas W. Morse, edited by
Emergency Relief in North Carolina. A Record of the Development and the Activities of the North Carolina Emergency Relief Administration, 1932-1935. North Carolina Emergency Relief Commission, State Administrator, Mrs. Thomas O'Berry. Edited by J.S. Kirk, Walter A. Cutter [and] Thomas W. Morse.
[Raleigh]: [Edwards & Broughton], 1936.

(1) Distributing homemade molasses, Iredell County. (2) Shelling and sacking peas, Mecklenburg County. (3) Threshing and sacking wheat, Mecklenburg County. (4) Squeezing juice from sugar cane for making syrup, Craven County. (5) Making syrup, Craven County. (6) ERA Community Cannery, Durham County. (7) Interior Community Cannery, Durham County. (8) Potato field, community garden, Goldsboro, Wayne County. (9) Filling orders at commodity storeroom, Wilmington, New Hanover County.

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