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Resolutions of the Friends of Temperance of
Guilford County, Passed, July Fouth [sic], 1854:

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(caption title) Resolutions of the Friends of Temperance of Guilford County, Passed, July Fouth, 1854.
(at head of title) People of Guilford, read this!
1 sheet ; 30 x 22 cm.
[Guilford County, N.C.]

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        PURSUANT to public notice, a CONVENTION OF THE FRIENDS OF TEMPERANCE assembled in the Court House, and P. Adams, Esqr. was elected President, Rev. E. Ward, Vice President, and D. P. Gregg, Secretary. On motion of Mr. E. W. Ogburn, seconded by Mr. A. Weatherly, a committee of five were appointed by the chair to prepare business for the Convention. The chair appointed Messrs. E. W. Ogburn, S. W. Westbrooks, I. Thacker, Wm. Young, and Dr. S. D. Coffin on that committee.

        The Committee retired and after being absent some time, returned with the following report, which was unanimously adopted:

        1st. RESOLVED, that the great object of the friends of Temperance in the County of Guilford is we believe to induce the Community in which we live, freely to abandon the use of intoxicating drinks, and to enjoy that most desirable change certainly to be experienced, when we shall by reasonable and proper means be relieved from the horrible evils of intemperance.

        2nd. RESOLVED, that whilst we sincerely believe that this is a subject so immediately connected with the welfare and best interest of all, that in questions affecting the same, the will of a majority fairly obtained and freely expressed should prevail, we deem it important, so to regulate our efforts as to preserve unity among ourselves, and secure that influence, which our cause ought to command.

        3d. RESOLVED FURTHER, that until the people of the WHOLE STATE shall decide to drive this destructive poison from them; we claim and insist that every neighborhood; [a majority of whose citizens desire to be rid of the SALE of intoxicating liquors, immediately around them, their families and business,] should have it in their power so to do, and to this end the Legislature ought to pass a law to the following effect, viz--

        That the County Courts shall grant no license to any one, to sell iting liquors either in large or small quantities, except it be upon petition, presented to tgned by a majority of the voters in the districts in the County, (of such suitable size as shall be determined upon,) in which the person desiring such license resides, and that no person shall sell without a license under such penalty, as will secure the observance of the law.

        4th. RESOLVED, FURTHER, that we have no hesitation in declaring our serious conviction that such is the magnitude of this subject, that with us it will be one of first consideration in the bestowal of our suffrages for Legislators.

        5th. RESOLVED, that a committee of three be appointed to furnish each of the candidates for a seat in the Legislature with a Copy of the above RESOLUTIONS, and request them to inform us at their earliest possible convenience, whether if elected, they will advocate the passage of a law of the CHARACTER set forth in the third RESOLUTION.

        The blank in the 5th Resolution was filled by appointing Messrs. A. Weatherly, J. M. Cunningham, and Dr. A. P. McDaniel.

        On motion the Patriot, and Message were requested to publish the proceedings of this Convention. On motion the convention adjourned sine die.

P. ADAMS, Pres

D. P. GREGG, Secy.



        That the true friends of the Temperance reform may be united in their efforts in this good cause--the following names are respectfully proposed as suitable persons to represent the county in the House of Commons in the next Legislature--

        who if elected, will advocate, not the Maine Liquor Law--but a law, simply giving to the majority of the voters in each captains or School District, the privilege of determining whether they shall be cursed with a grog shop in their midst, to corrupt their sons, their neighbours, and their servants, or if they choose enjoy all the privileges of such an establishment among them.