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The North Carolina Guide and Business Office Companion, Containing a List of all the Post Offices in the State, with Distances from Principal Commercial Towns; Also the Population of all Incorporated Towns, Divided between the Two Races, together with the Names and Post Offices of the Leading Lawyers in the State:
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Hampton, John S.

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(title page) The North Carolina Guide and Business Office Companion, Containing a List of all the Post Offices in the State, with Distances from Principal Commercial Towns; Also the Population of all Incorporated Towns, Divided between the Two Races, together with the Names and Post Offices of the Leading Lawyers in the State
John S. Hampton
42 p.
News Steam Book and Job Office and Bindery
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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1877,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

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        The subscriber offers to the public this little book, containing the names of all the cities, towns and post offices in the State of North Carolina, with the distances from the Capital and principal commercial towns, together with the population of the incorporated towns of the State, the white and the colored races divided; also the names and post offices of the leading lawyers in the State.

        The subscriber has devoted much labor and pains to this work, and thinks it will be very useful to all professional and business men, as well as interesting to those who pay attention to the statistics of the State. Strangers, and the traveling public generally, will find it invaluable, as it contains information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Care has been taken to ensure correctness of statement, though it is probable some errors may be found, which under the circumstances, could not well have been avoided.

        Trusting that his book may be favorably received, the subscriber has the honor to be, the public's

Most obedient servant,

J. S. Hampton.

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Abbottsburg, Bladen, 50 from Wilmington, 12 from Elizabethtown.
Abbott's Creek, Davidson, 8 from High Point.
Albemarle, Stanley, C. H., 140 s. w. of Raleigh.
Albertson's, Duplin, 14 n. e. of Kenansville.
Alamance, Guilford, 3 from Gibsonville.
Allensville, Person,  
Amity Hill, Iredell, 9 from Statesville.
Anderson's Store, Caswell, 15 from Company Shops.
Angola, N. Hanover, 21 from Burgaw Depot.
Ansonville, Anson, 10 n. of Wadesboro', formerly Carolina Fem. Col.
Antioch, Robeson, 19 from Fayetteville.
Apex, Wake, 14 from Raleigh.
Aquone, Macon, 22 from Franklin, 18 from Haysville.
Arcadia, Davidson, 18 from Lexington.
Argyle, Cumberland, 16 from Fayetteville.
Ashboro', Randolph, C. H., 72 w. of Raleigh.
Asheville, Buncombe, C. H., 250 w. of Raleigh.
Aspin Grove, Rockingham, R. & D. R. R.
Atlanta, Sampson, 17 from Magnolia.
Auburn, Wake, 10 s. e. of Raleigh.
Auman's Hill, Montgomery,  
Aurora, Beaufort, 32 from Washington.
Averasboro, Harnett, 25 from Fayetteville.
Avery's Creek, Buncombe, 68 from Greenville, Tenn.
Ayresville, Stokes, 45 from Reidsville.
Bakersville, Mitchell, C. H.
Bald Creek, Yancey, 54 from Morganton.

Page 5

Banks', Wake, 11 from Raleigh.
Barclaysville, Harnett, 23 from Raleigh.
Bath, Beaufort, 20 n. e. of Washington.
Battleboro', Edgecombe, 8 from Rocky Mt.
Bay River, Pamlico, ½ from Stonewall.
Bear Bay, Robeson, C. C. R. R.
Bear Branch, Richmond, 5 from Rockingham.
Bear Wallow, Henderson, 65 from Spartanburg, S. C.
Beattie's Ford, Lincoln, 26 from Stanley's.
Beaufort, Carteret, C. H., 150 s. e. of Raleigh.
Beaumont, Chatham, 11 from Egypt.
Beaver Dam, Union, C. C. R. R.
Belno Cr'k Mills, Forsythe, 12 from Wentworth.
Bellevoir, Chatham, 25½ from Durham.
Belvidere, Perquimans, 8 from Hertford.
Berea, Granville, 20 from Henderson.
Bernard, Brunswick,  
Berry Hill, Rockingham, 6 from Reidsville.
Bethania, Forsythe, 9 n. w. of Salem.
Bethany Church, Iredell, 7 from Statesville.
Bethel, Pitt, 15 from Greenville.
Beverly, Anson, 7 from Wadesboro'.
Big Falls, Alamance, 5 from Campany Shops.
Big Laurel, Madison, 12 from Marshall.
Big Lick, Stanley, 18 from Concord.
Big Spring, Jackson, 92 from Walhalla, S. C.
Big Swamp, Columbus, 18 n. w. of Whiteville.
Black Creek, Wilson,  
Blackman's Mills, Sampson, 40 from Warsaw.
Black Riv. Chap'l, N. Hanover, 11 fr. South Washington.
Bladenboro', Bladen.  
Blakeley, Stokes, 41 from Reidsville.
Blocker's, Cumberland, 12 from Fayetteville.
Blount's Creek, Beaufort, 15 s. e. of Washington.
Blowing Creek, Watauga, 8 from Boone, 20 from Morganton.
Blue Ridge, Henderson, 82 from Morganton.
Blue Wing, Granville,  

Page 6

Bogue, Columbus,  
Boilston, Henderson, 69 from Bridgewater.
Bolton, Brunswick, Same as Maxwell's, 28 from Wilmington.
Bone Camp, Madison, 7 from Marshall.
Boone, Watauga, C. H., 30 from Lenoir.
Booneville, Yadkin, 42 from High Point.
Boon Hill, Johnston, Changed to Princeton, 36 fr. Raleigh, 12 fr. Goldsboro'.
Bostick's Mills, Richmond, 10 from Rockingham.
Bost's Mills, Caburrus, 8 from Concord.
Branch's Store, Duplin, 8 n. of Kenansville.
Brasstown, Cherokee, 7 from Murphy.
Brevard, Transylvania C. H. 20 from Asheville.
Brick Church, Guilford, 15½ from Greensboro'.
Bridgewater, Burke, 11 w. of Morganton.
Brindletown, Burke, 14 s. w. of Morganton, on Rutherfordton Road.
Brinkleyville, Halifax, 16 from Enfield.
Britain, Rutherford, 32 from Morganton.
Brooklyn, Robeson, 13 from Fair Bluff.
Brookston, Warren, 5 from Henderson.
Brookville, Granville, 12 from Franklinton.
Brewer's Mills, Randolph, 25 from Egypt.
Brown's Summit, Guilford,  
Brownsville, Granville, 18 fr. Oxford, 30 fr. Henderson.
Buchanan, Granville, 29 from Henderson.
Buckland, Gates, 6 from Gatesville.
Buena Vista, Duplin, 8 from Kenansville.
Buffalo Ford, Randolph, 15 from Ashboro'.
Buffalo Paper Mill Cleaveland, 4 fr. Shelby, 54 fr. Charlotte
Bunn's Level, Harnett, 7 from Harnett C. H.
Burgaw Depot, N. Hanover, 22 from Wilmington.
Burgess' Mill, Hyde, 27 from Swan Quarter.
Burney's Mills, Randolph, 32 from Thomasville.

Page 7

Burnsville, Yancey, C. H., 262 fr. Raleigh, 16 fr. Bakersville, 38 from Asheville.
Burnt Chimney, Rutherford,  
Busbee, Buncombe, 7 from Asheville.
Bush Hill, Randolph, 7 from High Point.
Bushy Fork, Person, 18 from Hillsboro'.
Calahaln, Davie, 27 from Statesville.
Caler's Hill, Jackson, 8 n. e. of Webster.
Calhoun, Transylvania 36 from Greenville, S. C.
California, Currituck, 30 fr. Currituck C. H., on Albemarle Sound.
Camden C. H., Camden, C. H., 4 fr. Elizabeth City.
Cameron, N. Hanover, 4 from Cameron Station.
Camp Call, Cleaveland, 24 from Cherryville.
Cane Creek, Chatham, 33 from Graham.
Capell's Mills, Richmond, 12 from Rockingham.
Carpenter's Store, Rutherford, 12 from Rutherfordton.
Carter's Mills, Moore, 30 from Jonesboro'.
Carthage, Moore, C. H., 13 from Jonesboro', 57 from Raleigh.
Cary, Wake, 8 from Raleigh.
Casher's Valley, Jackson, 22 from Webster.
Castalia, Nash, 22 from Franklinton.
Castania Grove, Lincoln, 2½ from Tuckaugee Stat'n.
Castle Hayne, N. Hanover, Same as n. e. 9 from Wilmington.
Catawba Station, Catawba, 12 from Newton.
Catawba Vale, McDowell,  
Catherine Lake, Onslow, 28 from Kinston.
Caudle Mills, Anson, 11 from Wadesboro'.
Cedar Creek, Cumberland,  
Cedar Grove, Orange, 7 from Hillsboro'.
Cedar Hill, Anson, 13 n. of Wadesboro', on Plank Road.
Cedar Mountain, Transylvania 22 from Hendersonville.
Cedar Valley, Caldwell, 8 from Lenoir.
Centre, Guilford, 13½ from Greensboro'.

Page 8

Centre Grove, Person, 13 from Roxboro'.
Cerro Gordo, Columbus, 16 w. of Whiteville.
Chalk Level, Harnett, 10 from Haywood.
Chapel Hill, Orange, 12 from Durham.
Charleston, Swain, C. H., 6 from Nentehotah.
Charlotte, Mecklenburg C. H., 175 from Raleigh.
Cherryfield, Transylvania 35 from Greenville, S. C.
Cherry Lane, Alleghany, 34 from Mt. Airy, 48 from Wytheville, Va.
Cherryville, Gaston, 10 from Lincolnton.
Chestnut Ridge, Yadkin, 32 from Statesville
China Grove, Rowan, 9 from Salisbury, 141 from Raleigh.
Choccowinity, Beaufort, 3 from Washington.
Chronicle, Catawba, 14 from Newton Station.
Clark's Mills, Moore, 19 s. w. of Carthage, 20 fr. Rockingham.
Clayton, Johnston, 15 from Raleigh, 12 from Smithfield.
Clear Creek, Mecklenburg 12 from Harris' Depot.
Clinesville, Catawba, 10 from Newton.
Clinton, Sampson, C. H., 16 from Warsaw, 93 from Raleigh.
Clover Orchard, Alamance, 17 e. of s. of Graham
Cobton, Craven, 6 from Newbern.
Coburn's Store, Union, 17 fr. Harris' Depot, 14 fr. Monroe.
Coddle Creek, Cabarrus, 10 from Concord.
Coinjock, Currituck, 10 from Currituck C. H.
Colerain, Bertie, 26 n. w. of Windsor.
Cole's Mills, Randolph, 22 from Carthage.
Colesville, Stokes, 37 from Reidsville.
Colfax, Guilford, 13 from Greensboro'.
Collettsville, Caldwell, 17½ from Morganton.
Columbia, Tyrrell, C. H., 45 fr. Williamston, 191 from Raleigh.
Columbus, Polk, C. H., 37 fr. Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Page 9

Company Shops, Alamance, 60 fr. Raleigh, 2 fr. Graham
Concord, Cabarrus, C. H., 154 from Raleigh.
Cool Spring, Iredell, 10 from Statesville.
Cottage Home, Lincoln 12 from Stanley's.
County Line, Davie, 17 from Statesville.
Covington, Richmond, 17 from Rockingham.
Cowan's Ford, Mecklenburg 15 from Charlotte.
Coxville, Pitt, 14 from Greenville.
Crabtree, Haywood, 100 from Morganton.
Creaghead, Mecklenburg 14 from Charlotte.
Crain's Creek, Moore, 9 from Carthage.
Cranberry Forge, Mitchell, 22 fr. Boone, 24 fr. Bakersville, 44 fr. Morganton.
Creswell, Washington, 27 from Plymouth.
Crooked Creek, Stokes, Same as Sandy Ridge, 37 from Reidsville.
Cross Rock, Madison, 22 from Asheville.
Crossville, Gates, On Notteway River.
Crowder's Mt., Gaston, 14 from Stanley's.
Cuba, Rutherford, 8 from Rutherfordton.
Cunningham's Store, Person, 12 n. w. of Roxboro'.
Curriersville, Moore, 20 from Jonesboro'.
Currituck C. H., Currituck, C. H., 32 fr. Norfolk, Va.
Curtis' Mills, Alamance, 8 s. of Graham.
Dallas, Gaston, C. H., 7 from Stanley's.
Danbury, Stokes, C. H., 50 from Reidsville.
Dalton, Bladen,  
Davidson College, Mecklenburg 20 from Charlotte.
Davidson's River, Transylvania 43 from Greenville, S. C.
Day Book, Yancey, 40 from Johnson's Depot.
Dayton, Wake, 16 from Raleigh.
Deep Creek, Anson, 8 w. of Wadesboro'.
Deep River, Guilford, 7½ from Jamestown.
Dellaplane, Wilkes, 9 from Wilkesboro'.
Democrat, Buncombe, 65 from Morganton.
Diamond Hill, Anson, 13 n. w. of Wadesboro'.
Dismal, Sampson, 28 from Warsaw.

Page 10

Dobson, Surry, C. H., 57 from Statesville.
Dockery, Wilkes, 8 from Wilkesboro'.
Double Shoal, Cleaveland, 18 from Cherryville.
Douglass, Rockingham, Site changed to Reidsville.
Dover, Craven, 24 from Newbern, 35 from Goldsboro'.
Dry Ponds, Lincoln, 22 fr. Catawba Sta. ch'ged to Denver, Jan. 1, 1875.
Dudley, Wayne, 9 s. of Goldsboro'.
Duncan's Creek, Rutherford,  
Dundarrach, Robeson, 14 from Fayetteville.
Dunn's Rock, Transylvania 35 from Greenville, S. C.
Durant's Neck, Perquimans, 16 from Elizabeth City.
Durham, Orange, 26 from Raleigh, 14 from Hillsboro'.
Dutchville, Granville, 27 from Henderson.
Dysartsville, McDowell, 17 from Morganton.
Eagle Mills, Iredell, 18 from Statesville.
Eagle Rock, Wake, 12 fr. Raleigh, 9 fr. Auburn
Earpsboro, Johnston, 22 fr. Smithfield, 25 from Wilson.
East Bend, Yadkin, 37 from High Point.
East Laporte, Jackson, 8 from Webster.
Eden, Randolph, 10 from Thomasville.
Edenton, Chowan, C. H., 176 from Raleigh, 30 from Williamston.
Edinboro, Montgomery, 25 from Rockingham.
Edneyville, Henderson, 47 from Morganton.
Edwards' Mills, Beaufort, 25 from Washington.
Edwardsville, Surry, 9 from Dobson.
Efird's Mills, Stanly, 35 from Wadesboro'.
Egypt, Chatham, 43 fr. Fayetteville, 50 fr. Raleigh.
Elboville, Davie, 16 from Lexington.
Elevation, Cumberland, 45 from Raleigh.
Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, C. H., 35 fr. Suffolk, Va.
Elizabethtown, Bladen, C. H., 12 fr. Abbottsburg, 10½ from Rosindale.

Page 11

Elk Cross Roads, Ashe, 40 from Morganton.
Elkin, Surry, 41 fr. Statesville, 27 from Huntsville.
Elk Shoals, Iredell, 12½ from Statesville.
Elkville, Wilkes, 26 from Morganton.
Enfield, Halifax, 11 from Halifax.
Erwinsville, Cleaveland, 22 from Cherryville.
Eureka, Johnston, 8 n. of Smithfield.
Eupeptic Springs, Iredell, 16 from Statesville.
Fair Bluff, Columbus, 20 w. of Whiteville.
Fairfield, Hyde, 18 from Middleton.
Fair Grove, Davidson, 11 e. of Lexington.
Fairport, Granville, 17 from Franklinton.
Fairview, Buncombe, 48 from Morganton.
Faison's Depot, Duplin, 18 from Kenansville.
Falkland, Pitt, 17 from Tarboro', 9 from Farmville.
Falling Creek, Lenoir,  
Fancy Hill, Iredell, 6 from Statesville.
Farmington, Davie, 27 from Salisbury.
Farmville, Pitt, 26 from Tarboro'.
Fayetteville, Cumberland, C. H., 81 from Raleigh by R. R., 120 fr. Wilmington by boat.
Fentress, Guilford, 10 from Greensboro'.
Fields, Lenoir, 18 from Kinston.
First Broad, Rutherford, 22 from Morganton.
Fish Dam, Wake, 8 from Durham.
Flat River, Orange, 17 from Durham.
Flat Rock, Henderson, 32 from Greenville, S. C.
Flat Shoal, Surry, 53 from High Point.
Flemington, Columbus, 35 from Wilmington.
Flinty Branch, Yancey, 11 e. of Burnsville.
Fonta Flora, Burke, 15 n. w. of Morganton.
Footville, Yadkin, --s. w. of Yadkinville.
Forestville, Wake, 15 from Raleigh.
Fork Mountain, Mitchell, 36 fr. Johnson Depot, S. C.

Page 12

Forks of Pigeon, Haywood, 108 fr. Morganton, 43 fr. Hendersonville.
Fork Swamp, Beaufort, 16 n. of Washington.
Fort Montg'mery, Cherokee, 30 from Murphy.
Fountain Hill, Greene, 15 from Kinston.
Foust's Mills, Randolph, 15 from Egypt.
Francisco, Stokes, 54 from Reidsville.
Franklin, Macon, C. H.
Franklinton, Franklin, 27 from Raleigh.
Franklinsville, Randolph, 42 from Graham.
Freeman's Mills, Guildord, 6 from Jamestown.
Fremont, Wayne, 11 n. of Goldsboro', formerly Nahunta.
French Broad, Buncombe, 10 from Asheville.
French Cr. Ch., Bladen, 8 from Rosindale.
Friedburgh, Forsythe, 7 from Salem.
Friendship, Guilford, 10 from Greensboro'.
Fullwood's Store, Meckl'nburg, 14 from Charlotte.
Fulton, Davie, 12 from Lexington.
Gap Civil, Alleghany, C. H., 40 from Wytheville.
Gap Creek, Ashe, 43 from Marion.
Gardner's Ford, Cleaveland, 45 from Cherryville.
Garysburg, Northampt'n 2 from Weldon.
Gatesville, Gates, C. H., 16 fr. Suffolk, Va., 3 from Gates Ferry.
Gates' Ferry, Gates, 3 from Gatesville.
Germanton, Stokes, 32 from High Point.
Gibbs X Roads, Cumberland, 30 from Fayetteville.
Gibsonville, Guilford, 15 fr. Greensboro', 67 fr. Raleigh.
Gilmer's Store, Guilford, 9½ from Greensboro'.
Glade Creek, Ashe, 45 from Wytheville, Va.
Gladesboro', Randolph, 12 from High Point.
Globe, Caldwell, 27½ fr. Morganton, 9½ from Blowing Rock.
Gold Hill, Rowan, 14 from Salisbury.
Goldsboro', Wayne, C. H., 48 from Raleigh
Goose Cr'k Island, Beaufort 55 from Washington.

Page 13

Graham, Alamance, C. H., 58 w. of Raleigh.
Granite Hill, Iredell,  
Grantsboro', Craven, 16 from Newbern.
Grantsville, Buncombe, 15 from Marshall.
Grassy Creek, Yancey, 20 from Morganton.
Grassy Knob, Rutherford, 18 from Rutherfordton.
Gray Eagle, Buncombe, 18 from Asheville.
Gray's Creek, Cumberland, 10 from Fayetteville.
Green Hill, Rutherford, 51 from Morganton.
Greensboro', Guilford, C. H., 82 from Raleigh.
Greenville, Pitt, C. H., 134 fr. Raleigh, 26 fr. Tarboro, 15 fr. Bethel.
Grist's Station, Columbus, 54 from Wilmington.
Grove, Chatham, 20 from Raleigh.
Gum Branch, Onslow, 49 from Magnolia.
Gum Neck, Tyrrell, 18 from Columbia.
Hadley's Mills, Chatham, 18 from Graham.
Halewood, Madison, 5 from Marshall.
Halifax, Halifax, C. H., 105 fr. Raleigh, 8 fr. Weldon.
Hallsville, Duplin, 8 e. of Kenansville, 15 fr. Magnolia.
Hall's Store, Orange, --
Hamilton, Martin, 13 from Williamston.
Hamptonville, Yadkin, 18 fr. Huntsville, 8 fr. Yadkinville, 29 fr. Statesville
Hannersville, Davidson, 8 from Thomasville.
Happy Home, Burke, Same as Icard Station, 13 from Mull Grove, 10 fr. Hickory.
Harper's X Roads, Chatham, 15 from Egypt.
Harlowe, Carteret, 10 from Newport.
Harrell's Store, Sampson, 8 from Leasburg.
Harrellsville, Hertford, 6 from Gates Ferry
Harrington, Harnett, 9 from Swain's Station.
Harris' Depot, Cabarrus, 8 from Concord, 162 from Raleigh.
Harrison's Creek, Cumberland, 12 from Fayetteville.

Page 14

Hartshorn, Alamance, 15 s. w. of Graham.
Hatteras, Hyde, 76 from Beaufort.
Haw Branch, Onslow, 26 from Warsaw.
Hawk Mine, Mitchell, 6 from Bakersville.
Hawley's Store, Sampson, 36 from Warsaw.
Haw River, Alamance, 56 fr. Raleigh, 2 e. of Graham.
Hayesville, Clay, C. H., 17 from Murphy.
Hays' Store, Wake, 6 from Raleigh.
Haywood, Chatham, 32 from Raleigh.
Healing Springs, Davidson, 16 s. of Lexington.
Heathsville, Halifax, 7 from Enfield.
Helton, Ashe, 11 from Jefferson, 24 from Marion.
Henderson, Granville, 44 from Raleigh, 12 from Oxford.
Hendersonville, Henderson, C. H., 38 fr. Rutherfordt'n.
Herringsville, Sampson, 16 from Magnolia.
Hertford, Perquimans, C. H., 40 fr. Williamston.
Hester's Store, Person, 18 from Milton's Landing.
Hickory, Catawba, 10 from Newton, 192 from Raleigh.
High Point, Guilford, 15 fr. Greensboro', 97 from Raleigh.
High Shoals, Gaston, 6½ fr. High Shoals Station.
Hilliardston, Nash, 22 from Rocky Mt.
Hillsboro', Orange, C. H., 40 from Raleigh.
Hillsdale, Guilford, 10 fr. Greensboro', 16 from Reidsville.
Hill's Store, Randolph, 17 from Ashboro', 23 from Thomasville.
Hinnant's Mills, Johnston, 18 from Selma.
Hollow Poplar, Mitchell, 21 from Burnsville.
Hookerton, Greene, 22 from Kinston.
Hoover Hill, Randolph, 20 from Lexington.
Hopewell, Mecklenburg 9 from Charlotte.
Horse Creek, Ashe, 27 from Marion.
Horse Cove, Macon, 24 from Walhalla, S. C.

Page 15

Hunsucker's Store Montgomery, 7½ from Troy.
Hunting Creek, Wilkes, 10 from Wilkesboro'.
Huntsville, Yadkin, 33 from Salisbury.
Hurdle's Mills, Person, 16 from Hillsboro'.
Indian Ridge, Currituck, 4 from Currituck C. H.
Indian Trail, Union, 10 fr. Monroe, 20 fr. Charlotte.
Inverness, Cumberland, 22 from Fayetteville.
Irene, Mecklenburg 15 from Charlotte.
Iron Station, Lincoln, 27 from Charlotte.
Ivy, Madison, 12 from Burnsville.
Ivy Hill, Haywood, 8 n. of Waynesville.
Jackson, Northampton C. H., 8 fr. Seaboard, 15 fr. Weldon, 112 fr Raleigh.
Jacksonville, Onslow, 30 from Newbern, 137 from Raleigh, 65 fr. Wilmington.
Jackson Hill, Davidson, 24 from Salisbury.
Jackson's Creek, Randolph, 21 s. e. of Lexington.
Jackson Springs, Moore, 20 from Rockingham.
Jacob's Fort, Catawba, 11 from Newton.
Jamestown, Guilford, 10 fr. Greensboro', 92 fr. Raleigh.
Jamesville, Martin, 10 e. of Williamston.
Jarvisburg, Currituck, 23 from Currituck C. H.
Jefferson, Ashe, C. H., 204 fr. Raleigh, 86 from Catawba Station.
Jenning's Mills, Iredell, 24 from Taylorsville.
Jericho, Wayne, 10 from Dudley
Jerusalem, Davie, 14½ from Salisbury.
Johnson's Mills, Pitt, 23 from Greenville.
Jonas Ridge, Burke, 24 from Morganton.
Jonathan's Creek, Haywood, Site ch'ged to Waynesville.
Jonesboro', Moore, Changed to Sanford.
Jonesville, Yadkin, 34 from Statesville.
Joyner's Depot, Wilson, Changed to Toisnot.
Judesville, Surry, 64 from Wytheville, Va.
Kenansville, Duplin, C. H., 7 from Magnolia, 91 from Raleigh.

Page 16

Kendall, Anson, 17 fr. Wadesboro', formerly Hammond's Store.
Kendall's Store, Stanley, 4 from Albemarle.
Kernersville, Forsythe, 12 from Salem.
Killion's Mill, Lincoln, 8 from Lincolnton.
Kimbolton, Chatham, 10 from Pittsboro'.
Kingsboro', Edgecombe,  
King's Mountain, Gaston, 12 from Dallas
Kinston, Lenoir, C. H., 26 from Goldsboro', 74 from Raleigh.
Kittrell's, Granville, 36 from Raleigh.
Knap of Reeds, Granville, 28 from Henderson.
Knob Creek, Cleaveland, 11 from Cherryville.
Kyle's Landing, Cumberland, 15½ from Fayetteville.
LaGrange, Lenoir, 12 fr. Kinston, 14 fr. Goldsboro', formerly Moseley Hall.
Lake Comfort, Hyde, 14 from Middleton.
Lake Landing, Hyde, 4 from Middleton.
Lanesboro', Anson, 12 n. w. of Wadesboro'.
Lassiter's Mills, Randolph, 29 from Thomasville.
Latham, Beaufort, 7 from Washington.
Laurel, Franklin, 10 from Louisburg.
Laurel Fork, Buncombe,  
Laurel Hill, Richmond, 39 from Fayetteville.
Laurel Springs, Ashe, 30 from Marion.
Laurel Valley, Cherokee, 17 from Ducktown, Tenn.
Laurinburg, Richmond,  
Lawsonville, Rockingham, 7 from Reidsville.
Lawhorn's Hill, Moore, 7 from Carthage.
Leaksville, Rockingham, 12 from Reidsville.
Leasburg, Caswell, 21 from Whitelock.
Ledger, Mitchell, 41 from Morganton.
Leechville, Beaufort, 40 n. e. of Washington.
Leesville, Robeson, 11 from Lumberton.
Leicester, Buncombe, 50 from Greenville, S. C.
Lenoir, Caldwell, C. H., 14 from Morganton, 226 from Raleigh.

Page 17

Lenoir Institute, Lenoir, 11 from Kinston.
Lenox Castle, Rockingham, 10 fr. Reidsville, 20 from Company Shops.
Leo, Stanley, 22 from Harris' Depot.
Leon, Sampson, 8 from Clinton.
Lewiston, Bertie, 34 from Seaboard.
Lewisville, Forsythe, 12 from Salem.
Lexington, Davidson, C. H., 115 from Raleigh.
Liberty Hill, Iredell, 8 from Statesville.
Lilesville, Anson, 6 e. of Wadesboro'.
Lillington, Harnett, C. H., 25 fr. Fayetteville.
Lincolnton, Lincoln, C. H., 33 from Charlotte, 208 from Raleigh.
Linwood, Davidson, 7 from Lexington.
Little River, Alexander, 10 w. of Taylorsville.
Little Riv. Ac'd'y, Cumberland, 16 from Fayetteville.
Little's Mills, Richmond, 19 from Wadesboro'.
Little Sugar Loaf, Bladen, 8 from Elizabethtown.
Littleton, Halifax, 76 from Raleigh.
Little Yadkin, Stokes, 30 from High Point.
Little Rockfish, Cumberland, 7 from Fayetteville.
Lockville, Chatham, 33 from Raleigh.
Locust Hill, Caswell, 13 from Reidsville.
Locust Level, Stanley, 12 from Harris' Depot.
Logan's Store, Rutherford, 42 from Morganton.
Long Pine, Anson, 12 from Wadesboro'.
Long Ridge, Washington, 10 from Plymouth.
Long's Mills, Randolph, 20 from Graham.
Louisburg, Franklin, C. H., 10 fr. Franklinton, 37 from Raleigh.
Lovelady, Caldwell, 6 from Happy Home.
Loveland, Bladen,  
Low Gap, Surry, 16 fr. Dobson, 20 from Mt. Airy.
Lumberton, Robeson, C. H., 68 fr. Wilmington.
McBride's Mills, Watauga, 33 from Morganton.
McCray's Store, Alamance, 9 n. of Graham.
McLeansville, Guilford, 8 fr. Greensboro', 74 from Raleigh.

Page 18

Macedonia, Montgomery, 15 from Troy.
Macon, Warren, 66 from Raleigh.
Madison, Rockingham, 22 from Reidsville.
Magnolia, Duplin, 48 from Wilmington.
Manchester, Cumberland, 13 from Fayetteville.
Mangum, Richmond, 14 fr. Wadesboro', 11 from Lilesville.
Manson, Warren, 61 fr. Raleigh.
Manteo, Dare, C. H., on Roanoke Island, 50 from Elizabeth City.
Maple Springs, Wilkes, 59 from Statesville.
Marion, McDowell, C. H., 234 fr. Raleigh, 37 from Rutherfordton.
Marlboro', Pitt, 22 from Wilson.
Marshall, Madison, C. H., 20 from Stocksville.
Mars Hill, Madison, 10 from Marshall.
Martin'sLimeKiln Stokes, 15 from Madison, 37 from Reidsville.
Mary's Garden, Cumberland, 8 from Fayetteville.
Mebaneville, Alamance, 8 fr, Graham, 50 fr. Raleigh
Melville, Alamance, 6 from Mebaneville.
Melrose, Robeson, 10 from Shoe Heel.
Merry Oaks, Chatham, 26 from Raleigh.
Middleton, Hyde, 23 from Swan Quarter.
Midway, Davidson, 10 from Lexington.
Milledgeville, Montgomery, 31 from Salisbury.
Miller's Mill, Davidson, 16 from Lexington.
Mill Hill, Cabarrus, 8 from Concord.
Mill River, Henderson, 19 from Asheville.
Mills' Spring, Polk, 5 from Columbus.
Milton, Caswell, 9 from Whitlock, Va.
Mintonsville, Gates, 10 from Gatesville.
Mint Hill, Mecklenburg 11 from Harris' Depot.
Mocksville, Davie, C. H., 20 from Lexington, 25 from Salisbury.
Moffitt's Mills, Randolph, 22 from Egypt.
Monroe, Union, C. H., 26 from Charlotte.
Monroeton, Rockingham, 18 from Reidsville.

Page 19

Montgomery, Montgomery, 28 from Wadesboro'.
Monticello, Guilford, 3½ from Morehead Station.
Montrose, Cumberland, 30 from Fayetteville.
Mooresboro', Cleaveland,  
Moore's Creek, N. Hanover, 23 from Rock Point.
Mooresville, Iredell, 24 from Salisbury, 16 from Mill Hill.
Moorshance, Moore, 25 from Jonesboro'.
Morehead City, Carteret, 95 fr. Goldsboro', 36 from Newbern.
Morehead Stati'n, Guilford, 8 from Greensboro'.
Moretz's Mills, Watauga, 7 fr. Boone, 30 fr. Wilkesboro'.
Morgan's Mills, Union, 26 from Wadesboro'.
Morganton, Burke, C. H., 212 from Raleigh.
Morrisville, Wake, 13 from Raleigh.
Morrosenean, Robeson, 10 from Shoe Heel.
Morton's Store, Alamance, 14 n. w. of Graham.
Morven, Anson, 9 s. of Wadesboro'.
Mountain Creek, Catawba, 11 from Catawba Station.
Mount Airy, Surry, 42 fr. Salem, 12 fr. Dobson.
Mount Gilead, Montgomery, 24 from Wadesboro'.
Mount Mourne, Iredell, 24 from Charlotte, 18 s. of Statesville.
Mount Nebo, Yadkin, 47 from High Point.
Mount Olive, Wayne, 15 s. of Goldsboro'.
Mount Pisgah, Alexander, 16 from Taylorsville.
Mount Pleasant, Caburrus, 10 n. e. of Taylorsville, 16 from Concord.
Mount Tabor, Forsythe, 23 from High Point.
Mount Tirzah, Person, 10 s. e. of Roxboro'.
Mount Ulla, Rowan, 17 from Statesville.
Mount Vernon, Rowan, 15 from Salisbury.
Muddy Fork, Cleaveland, 9 from Cherryville.
Mud Lick, Chatham, 24 from Graham.
Mulberry, Wilkes, 58 from Statesville.
Mull Grove, Catawba, 15 from Lincolnton.
Murfreesboro', Hertford, 14 from Boykin's, Va,

Page 20

Murphy, Cherokee, C. H., 17 from Hayesville, 25 from Clayton, S. C.
Myatt's Mills, Wake, 15 from Raleigh.
Moss Neck, Robeson, 8 from Lumberton.
Nantehotah, Swain, 6 from Charleston.
Nashville, Nash, C. H., 40 from Raleigh, 12 from Rocky Mt.
Nealsville, McDowell, 10 from Marion.
Newbern, Craven, C. H., 107 from Raleigh, 59 from Goldsboro'.
New Castle, Wilkes, 16 fr Wilkesboro', 30 fr. Jefferson.
New Forestville, Anson,  
New Garden, Guilford, 6 from Greensboro'.
New Gilead, Moore, 15 from Carthage.
New Graniteville, Anson, 6 from Wadesboro'.
New Hill. Wake, 8 from Haywood.
New Hope, Iredell, 16 from Statesville.
New Hope Ac'd'y, Randolph, 32 from Thomasville.
New Hope Mills, Granville,  
New Light, Wake, 10 from Forestville.
New Market, Randolph, 16 from Thomasville.
Newport, Carteret, 10 from Morehead City.
New Salem, Randolph, 21 from Greensboro'.
New Sterling, Iredell, 9 from Statesville.
Newton, Catawba, C. H., 2 fr. Newton Junction, 184 from Raleigh.
Newton Grove, Sampson, 34 from Warsaw.
Nicholsonville, Cleaveland, 10 from Yanceyville.
North Brook, Lincoln, 9 from Cherryville.
North Cove, McDowell, 23½ from Morganton.
North Fork, Ashe, 45 from Abingdon, Va.
Norval, Harnett, 24 from Jonesboro'.
Norwood, Stanly, 20 from Wadesboro'.
Oak Forest, Iredell, 10 from Statesville.
Oak Grove, Union, 18 from Harris' Depot.
Oak Hill, Granville, 11 fr. Oxford, 25 fr. Henderson.

Page 21

Oak Ridge, Guilford, 16 from Greensboro'.
Oaks, Orange, 12½ from Hillsboro'.
Oak Spring, Rutherford, 14 from Rutherfordton.
Oakville, Union, 9 from Monroe.
Ocona-Lufty, Swain, 81 from Walhalla, S. C.
Ocracoke, Hyde, On Pamlico Sound, 20 fr. Hatteras, 60 fr. Beaufort.
Old Fort, McDowell, 12 from Marion, 246 from Raleigh.
Old Furnace, Gaston, 10 from Cherryville.
Old Town, Forsythe, 6 n. w. of Salem.
Olin, Iredell, 14 fr. Statesville, 27¾ from Wilkesboro'.
Olive Branch, Union, 12 from Wadesboro'.
Onslow C. H., Onslow, C. H., 30 fr. Newbern, 137 from Raleigh, now Jacksonville.
Orange Factory, Orange, 11 from Durham.
Ore Hill, Chatham, 14 from Egypt.
Otter Creek, Rutherford, 34 from Morganton.
Outlaw's Bridge, Duplin, 15 fr. Kenasville, 8 from Whitehall Ferry.
Oxford, Granville, C. H., 12 from Henderson, 56 from Raleigh.
Oxford's Ford, Catawba,  
Pacific, Franklin, 21 from Raleigh.
Pactolus, Pitt, 13 from Greenville.
Palmyra, Halifax, 13 from Hamilton, 24 from Enfield.
Palo Alto, Onslow, 25 from Newbern.
Pantego, Beaufort, 16 from Bath.
Panther Creek. Yadkin, 23 from Salem, on Yadkin River.
Paris, Anson, 9 n. w. of Wadesboro'.
Patterson, Caldwell, 18 from Morganton.
Patterson's Store, Alamance, 16 from Graham.
Patton's Home, Rutherford, 32 from Morganton.
Peacock's Store, Columbus, 6 w. of Whiteville.

Page 22

Pea Ridge, Caswell, 37 from Pelham.
Pedlar's Hill, Chatham, 7 from Egypt.
Pekin, Montgomery, 31 from Wadesboro'.
Pelletier's Mills, Carteret, 13 from Newport.
Pelham. Caswell, 40 fr. Greensboro', 122 fr. Raleigh.
Perkinsville, Burke, 10 n. w. of Morganton.
Peter's Creek, Stokes, 12 from Danbury.
Petty's Shore, Hertford, 12 from Winton.
Piedmont Springs Stokes, 2½ from Danbury.
Pigeon River, Haywood, 33 from Morganton.
Pigeon Valley, Haywood, 7 from Waynesville.
Pikeville, Wayne, 8 from Goldsboro'.
Pilot Mt., Stokes, 40 from High Point.
Pine Grove, Montgomery, 39 from Rockingham.
Pine Level, Johnston, 6 from Smithfield.
Pineville, Mecklenburg 10 s. of Charlotte, same as Morrow's Station.
Pine Hill, Lenoir, 20 from Kinston.
Pioneer Mills, Cabarrus, 7½ from Harris' Depot.
Pireway Ferry, Columbus, 40 from Whiteville.
Pitch Landing, Hertford, 12 from Winton.
Pittsboro', Chatham, C. H., 34 fr. Raleigh, 30 fr. Graham, 11½ fr. Haywood
Pleasant Grove, Alamance, 7 fr Mebaneville, 15 n. e. of Graham.
Pleasant Hill, Northampton 4 from Weldon.
Plumerville, Robeson,  
Plymouth, Washington, C. H., 20 fr. Williamston.
Point Caswell, N. Hanover, On Black River.
Pollocksville, Jones, 10½ from Newbern.
Polkton, Anson, 8 w. of Wadesboro'.
Pool, Rowan, 13 from Salisbury.
Poplar Branch, Currituck, 15½ from Currituck C. H.
Poplar Hill, Anson, 9 from Wadesboro'.
Portsmouth, Carteret, On Pamlico Sound at Ocracoke Inlet.
Pottecasi, Northampt'n 12 fr. Jackson, 26 fr. Boykins', Va.

Page 23

Powelton, Richmond, 23 from Rockingham.
Powhatan, Richmond, 3 from Sand Hill Station.
Price's Store, Rockingham, On Dan Riv., 8 fr. Land'g.
Prospect Hall, Bladen, On Cape Fear River, 5 fr. Landing.
Prospect Hill, Caswell, 14 from Hillsboro'.
Prosperity, Moore, 20 fr. Egypt, 10 fr. Carthage.
Pungo Creek, Beaufort, 24 n. e. of Washington.
Purlear's Creek, Wilkes, 53 from Statesville.
Princeton, Johnston, 12 fr. Goldsboro', formerly Boon Hill.
Quallatown, Jackson, 62 from Greenville, S. C.
Query's, Mecklenburg 9 from Charlotte.
Raleigh, Wake, Capital, 183 fr. Richmond, Virginia.
Ramsaytown, Yancey, 15 fr. Bald Creek, 31 from Jonesboro', Tenn.
Ransom's Bridge, Nash, 21 from Littleton.
Raywood, Union, 8 from Monroe.
Red Banks, Robeson, 16 fr. Lumberton, 84 from Wilmington.
Reddie's River, Wilkes, 10 from Wilkesboro'.
Red Hill, Mitchell, 31 from Johnson's Depot, Tenn.
Red Mountain, Orange, 19½ from Durham.
Red Plains, Yadkin, 43 from High Point.
Red Shoals, Stokes, 4 fr. Danbury, 23 fr. Reidsville.
Reed Creek, Randolph, 23 from Egypt.
Reedy Creek, Davidson, 13 from Lexington.
Reems Creek, Buncombe, 67 from Morganton.
Reidsville, Rockingham, 24 fr. Greensboro', 106 fr. Raleigh.
Resaca, Duplin, 17 from Warsaw.
Reynoldson, Gates, 10 from Gatesville.
Rialto, Chatham, Ch'd to Farrington's Mills.
Richland's, Onslow, 24 from Kinston.

Page 24

Richland Valley, Haywood, 4 from Waynesville.
Richmond Hill, Yadkin, 45 from Salisbury, 58 from High Point.
Rich Square, Northampt'n 13 from Jackson, 20 from Seaboard.
Riddicksville, Hertford, On Chowan River.
Ridge's Creek, Montgomery, 11 from Troy.
Ridge Spring, Pitt, 19 from Greenville.
Ridgeway, Warren, 57 from Raleigh.
Riggsbee's Store, Chatham,  
Ringwood, Halifax, 11 from Enfield.
Riverside, Buncombe, 63 from Marganton.
Roaring Gap, Wilkes, 63 from Salisbury.
Robeson, Brunswick, 18 fr. Wilmington, (same as Brinkley's Station.)
Rock Creek, Alamance, 12 s. of Graham.
Rock Cut, Iredell,  
Rock Fish, Duplin, 9 from Magnolia.
Rockford, Surry, 59 from Lexington.
Rockingham, Richmond, C. H., 117 fr. Wilmingt'n.
Rock Spring, Orange, 8½ from Hillsboro'.
Rockville, Rowan, 7 from Salisbury.
Rocky Mt., Edgecombe, 41 from Goldsboro'.
Rocky Point, N. Hanover, 14 from Wilmington.
Rolesville, Wake, 6 from Forestville.
Rose Bay, Hyde, 5 from Swan Quarter.
Rosedale, Pasquotank, 20 from Elizabeth City.
Rose Hill, Duplin, 42 from Wilmington.
Rosindale, Bladen, 38 from Wilmington.
Roslin, Cumberland, 7 from Fayetteville.
Roxboro', Person, C. H., 55 n. w. of Raleigh.
Roxabel, Bertie, 24 n. w. of Winton.
Ruffin, Rockingham, 33 from Greensboro'.
Rusk, Surry, 9 from Dobson.
Rutherfordton, Rutherford, C. H., 25 from Marion.
St. John's, Hertford, 34 from Boykin's, Va.
St. Lawrence, Chatham, 12 from Pittsboro'.
St. Paul's, Robeson, 15 from Lumberton.

Page 25

Salem, Forsythe, 18 from High Point.
Salem Chapel, Forsythe, 27 from High Point.
Salem Church, Randolph, 32 from High Point.
Salisbury, Rowan, C. H., 132 from Raleigh.
Sanders' Hill, Montgomery, 41 from Thomasville.
Sanders' Store, Carteret, 7 from Newport.
Sandy Creek, Randolph, 28 from Graham.
Sandy Grove, Chatham, 21 from Graham.
Sandy Mush, Buncombe, 45 from Greenville, S. C.
Sanford, Moore, 44 from Raleigh.
Sarecta, Duplin, 7 from Kenansville.
Sassafras Fork, Granville, 20 from Manson.
Sawyersville, Randolph, 18 from High Point.
Saxapahaw, Alamance, 12 from Graham, 18½ from Hillsboro'.
Science Hill, Randolph, 22 from Thomasville.
Scotland Neck, Halifax, 18 from Enfield.
Scottsville, Ashe, 40 from Marion.
Scuppernong, Washington, 8 from Columbia.
Seaboard, Northampton 12 from Weldon.
Sedge's Garden, Forsythe, 7 n. of Salem.
Selma, Johnston, 28 from Raleigh.
Shady Springs, Ashe, 8 from Jefferson.
Shallotte, Brunswick, 26 fr. Smithville, 39 from Wilmington.
Shull's Mills, Watauga, 32 from Morganton.
Sharpsburg, Nash, 43 from Weldon.
Shaw's Mills, Guilford, 11 from Greensboro'.
Shelby, Cleaveland, C. H.
Sherrill's Ford, Catawba, 11½ from Catawba Station.
Shiloh, Camden, 11 from Elizabeth City.
Shoe Heel, Robeson, 21 fr. Lumberton, 89 from Wilmington.
Shooting Creek, Clay, 9 from Hayesville.
Shufordville, Henderson, Ch'ged to Randall's Store.
Siegle's Store, Lincoln, 10½ from Lincolnton.
Six Runs, Sampson, 12 from Clinton.
Sladesville, Hyde, 13 from Swan Quarter.

Page 26

Smith Grove, Davie, 28 from Lexington.
Smith's Ford, Cabarrus, 21 from Albemarle.
Smithville, Brunswick, C. H., 30 fr. Wilmington.
Snead's Ferry, Onslow, On New River.
Snipes' Store, Chatham, 25 from Durham.
Snow Camp, Alamance, 4 w. of Graham.
Snow Creek, Iredell, 11 from Statesville.
Snow Hill, Greene, C. H., 14 from Kinston, 30 from Tarboro'.
Solemn Grove, Moore, 17 from Carthage, 35 from Fayetteville.
Solitude, Ashe, 14 fr. Taylorsville, Tenn.
Solo, Davidson, 20 from Lexington.
South Creek, Beaufort 35 s. e. of Washington.
South Fork, Ashe, 10 from Jefferson.
South Gaston, Halifax, 85 from Raleigh.
South Lowell, Orange, 10 from Hillsboro'.
South Mills, Camden, 17 from Elizabeth City.
South Point, Gaston, 15 from Brevard Station.
South Wash'gton, N. Hanover, 7 from Burgaw.
Sparta, Edgecombe, 9 from Tarboro'.
Speight's Bridge, Greene, 18 from Wilson.
Spout Spring, Harnett,  
Spring Creek, Madison, 32 from Greenville, S. C.
Spring Grove, Rowan, 12 from China Grove.
Stagg's Creek, Ashe, 8 from Jefferson.
Stanhope, Nash, 12 fr. Wilson, 12 fr. Nashville.
Stanly's Creek, Gaston, 12 from Castanea Grove.
State Road, Surry, 56 from Salisbury.
Statesville, Iredell, C. H., 157 fr. Raleigh, 25 from Salisbury, 47 from Charlotte.
Sterling's Mills, Robeson, 17 from Lumberton.
Stice's Shoal, Cleaveland, 16½ for Cherryville.
Stocksville, Buncombe, 20 from Marshall.
Stone Mountain, McDowell, 27 from Rutherfordton.
Stoneville, Rockingham, 25 from Reidsville.

Page 27

Stonewall, Pamlico, 20 fr. Newbern, 130 e. of Raleigh.
Stony Fork, Watauga, 64 from Statesville.
Stony Point, Alexander, 9 s. e. of Taylorsville.
Strabene, Lenoir, 18 from Dudley.
Sugar Grove, Watauga, 30 from Morganton.
Sugar Hill, McDowell, 29 from Morganton.
Sulphur Springs, Montgomery, 25 from Rockingham.
Summerfield, Guilford, 11 from Greensboro'.
Summerville, Harnett, 31 from Jonesboro'.
Sunbury, Gates, 12 fr. Gatesville, 15 from Gates Ferry.
Supply, Brunswick, 14 from Smithville.
Swananoa, Buncombe, 12 from Asheville.
Swangstown, Cleaveland, 5 from Shelby.
Swann's Station, Moore,  
Swan Quarter, Hyde, C. H., 50 from Newbern.
Swansboro', Onslow, 32 fr. Jacksonville, 53 fr. Wilmington.
Sweet Home, Iredell, 13 from Statesville.
Swift Island, Montgomery,  
Tally Ho, Granville, 10 fr. Oxford, 24 fr. Henderson.
Tarboro', Edgecombe, C. H., 20 fr. Rocky Mount, 109 from Raleigh.
Tar Heel, Bladen, 18 from Elizabethtown, on Cape Fear River.
Taylor's Bridge, Sampson, 12 from Clinton.
Taylorsville, Alexander, C. H., 13 fr. Catawba Sta., 183 from Raleigh.
Teachey's, Duplin, 18 s. w. of Kenansville, 38 from Wilmington.
Tereinthe, Cumberland, 11 from Fayetteville.
Thomasville, Davidson, 11 fr. Lexington, 104 fr. Raleigh.
Thompsonville, Rockingham, 20 n. e. of Greensboro'.
Tom's Creek, Surry, 30 from Salem.
Toisnot, Wilson, 8 from Wilson.

Page 28

Town Creek, Brunswick, 14 from Wilmin gton.
Townesville, Granville, 6 from Williamsboro'.
Trap Hill, Wilkes, 53 from Catawba Station.
Trenton, Jones, C. H., 25 from Newbern.
Trinity College, Randolph, 5 from High Point.
Troublesome, Rockingham, 9 from Reidsville.
Troutmans, Iredell, 7 from Statesville.
Troy, Montgomery, C. H., 39 fr. Rockingham.
Troy's Store, Randolph, 24 from Graham.
Tryon, Polk, 9 w. of Columbus.
Tuckasege, Mecklenburg 10 w. of Charlotte.
Tulin, Cabarrus, 10 from Concord
Turnersburg, Iredell, 14 from Statesville.
Turnpike, Buncombe, 53 from Greenville, S. C.
Tusquetee, Clay, 5 from Hayesville.
Tusquetee Vale, Clay, 8 from Hayesville.
Tuttle's X Roads, Caldwell,  
Union Grove, Iredell, 30 from Statesville.
Valle Crucis, Watauga, 12 from Boone.
Valley Springs, Rutherford, 12 from Rutherfordton.
Valleytown, Cherokee, 32 from Clayton.
Vanceburg, Craven, 18 from Newbern.
Vandemere, Craven, 25 from Newbern.
Vienna, Forsythe, 27 from High Point.
Wadesboro', Anson, C. H., 135 fr. Wilmington, 17 from Rockingham.
Wakefield, Wake, 15 from Auburn, 20 from Raleigh.
Walkerstown, Forsythe, 9 n. of Salem.
Wallace, Duplin,  
Walnut Cove, Stokes, 27 from Reidsville.
Walnut Hill, Ashe, 5 from Jefferson.
Walnut Run, Madison,  
Walnut Shade, Gaston, 7 from Dallas.
Wardville, Chowan, 14 from Hertford.
Warm Springs, Madison, 22 from Greenville, S. C.
Warren Plains, Warren, Same as Manson.
Warrenton, Warren, C. H., 65 fr. Raleigh, 3 fr. Station.

Page 29

Warrior Creek, Wilkes, 23 from Morganton.
Warsaw, Duplin, 10 w. of Kenansville, 49 fr. Fayetteville.
Washington, Beaufort, C. H., 36 fr. Newbern, 22 from Williamston.
Watauga Falls, Watauga, 35 from Johnson's Depot, Tenn.
Watson's Bridge, Moore, 12 from Carthage.
Waynesville, Haywood, C. H., 27 fr. Asheville, 277 from Raleigh.
Webb's Ford, Rutherford, 14 from Rutherfordton.
Webster, Jackson, C. H., 60 from Asheville.
Weldon, Halifax, 97 from Raleigh, 162 from Wilmington.
Wentworth, Rockingham, C. H., 7 fr. Reidsville, 113 from Raleigh.
West Brook, Bladen, 8 from Marlsville.
Westfield, Stokes, 63 from Reidsville.
Westminster, Guilford, 4 from Jamestown.
Whitaker's, Edgecombe, 4 from Battleboro'.
White Cross, Orange, 21 from Durham.
White Hall, Bladen, 10 from Rosindale.
White House, Randolph, 30 from High Point.
White Oak Hall, Polk, 10 e. of Columbus.
White Plains, Cleaveland, 12 from Shelby, 22 fr. Brevard Station.
White Road, Forsythe, 12 n. of Salem.
White Rock, Madison, 33 from Greenville, S. C.
White's Store, Anson, 13 w. of Wadesboro'.
Whiteville, Columbus, C. H., 45 fr. Wilmington.
Wickles' Store, Macon, 42 from Walhalla, S. C.
Wilbar, Wilkes, 58 from Catawba Station.
Wilkesboro', Wilkes, C. H., 43½ from Hickory, 203 from Raleigh.
Williamsboro', Granville, 13 fr. Oxford, 9 from Henderson.
Williamsburg, Iredell, 20½ for Statesville.
Williamston, Martin, C. H., 36 from Tarboro'.

Page 30

Wilmington, N. Hanover, C. H., 132 from Raleigh.
Wilson, Wilson, C. H., 53 fr. Raleigh, 72 by Railroad.
Wilson's Mills, Johnston, 22 from Raleigh.
Wilson's Store, Stokes, 40 from Reidsville.
Wilton, Granville, 13 fr. Oxford, 10 fr. Franklinton.
Winchester, Union, 26 from Charlotte.
Windsor, Bertie, C. H., 12 fr. Williamston.
Wind Hill, Montgomery, 15 n. w. of Troy.
Winfall, Perquimans, 2 from Hertford.
Winona, Pitt, 13 from Tarboro'.
Winston, Forsythe, C. H.
Winton, Hertford, C. H., 21 from Newsom's Depot, Va.
Wittenberg, Alexander, 8 s. w. of Taylorsville, 10 from Hickory.
Wolf Creek, Cherokee, 34 from Clayton, S. C.
Wolfsville, Union, 14 fr. Monroe, 15 fr. Fort Mill.
Woodland, Northampton 15 fr. Jackson, 30 fr. Boykins', Va.
Woodlawn, Gaston, 5 from Brevard Station.
Woodsdale, Person, 17 from South Boston, Va.
Woodville, Perquimans, 10 from Elizabeth City.
Yadkin College, Davidson, 3 from Lexington.
Yadkinville, Yadkin, C. H., 39 from Statesville, 13 from Richmond Hill.
Yanceyville, Caswell, C. H., 25 from Graham.
York Col. Inst., Alexander, 6 n. e. of Taylorsville.
Yorkville, Bladen, 25 from Monroe.
Young's X Roads, Granville, 25 from Manson.
Young's Mills, Guilford, 6 from Greensboro'.
Zimmerman, Wilkes, 14 from Wilkesboro'.
Zion, Yadkin, 40 from Statesville.

Page 31


Albemarle, 150 40 190
Ashboro', 160 40 200
Asheville, 2,500 500 3,000
Brevard, 175 50 325
Cary, 225 100 325
Charlotte, 4,400 3,600 8,000
China Grove, 52 22 74
Clarkton, 80 50 130
Clayton, 144 76 220
Clinton, 522 325 950
Concord, 1,200 600 1,800
Dallas, 275 125 400
Danbury, 109 52 161
Durham, 2,500 500 3,000
Fayetteville, 2,600 2,400 5,000
Franklinton, 250 200 450
Graham, 311 169 480
Greensboro', 3,000 1,000 4,000
Gold Hill, 350 60 410
Goldsboro', 1,600 1,400 3,000
Haysville, 120 10 130
Hickory, 1,320 175 1,495
Hillsboro', 650 350 1,000
Jamestown, 78 23 101
Jonesboro', 182 140 322
Kenansville, 245 185 430
Lilesville, 120 75 195
Lincolnton, 625 561 1,186
Lexington, 500 200 700
Milton, 270 315 585
Marion, 300 85 385
Monroe, 2,500 500 8,000
Morehead City, 425 75 500
Mebaneville, 75 60 135

Page 32

Mocksville, 350 150 500
Newbern, 2,300 4,500 6,800
Newport, 135 73 208
Newton, 400 100 500
Point Caswell, 25 15 40
Plymouth, 2,250 2,230 4,480
Raleigh, 5,038 6,147 11,185
Rockingham, 700 300 1,000
Rocky Mt., 300 200 500
Roxboro', 350 150 500
Rutherfordton, 265 135 400
Salem, 1,300 200 1,500
Shelby, 672 346 1,018
Salisbury, 2,500 1,500 4,000
Selma, 125 96 201
Sassafras Fork, 50 40 90
Scotland Neck, 274 153 427
Smithville, 500 300 800
Swansboro', 129 10 139
Tarboro', 675 825 1,500
Thomasville, 600 300 900
Trenton, 60 40 100
Trinity College, 190 75 265
Toisnot, 200 100 300
Wadesboro' 600 300 900
Whiteville, 240 100 340
Wilson, 1,500 1,200 2,700
Washington, 1,200 1,300 2,500
Winton, 175 75 250
Wentworth, 150 100 250
Warsaw, 112 38 150
Wake Forest College, 150 130 280
Winston, 2,500 1,000 3,500
Wilmington, 7,500 12,000 19,500

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Page 35




        Currituck, Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Chowan, Hertford, Gates, Washington, Tyrrell, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico--12.


        Wake, Warren, Halifax, Northampton, Edgecombe, Bertie, Martin, Beaufort and Craven--9.


        Nash, Wilson, Pitt, Greene, Wayne, Lenoir, Carteret, Onslow, Duplin, Sampson, New Hanover and Pender--13.


        Harnett, Moore, Anson, Richmond, Robeson, Columbus, Brunswick, Bladen, Cumberland and Johnston--10.


        Alamance, Randolph, Franklin, Guilford, Chatham, Orange, Granville, Person, Caswell and Rockingham--10.


        Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Stanly, Montgomery, Union, Lincoln, Gaston, Cleaveland, Rutherford and Polk--10.


        Davie, Yadkin, Wilkes, Alleghany, Surry, Stokes, Forsythe, Davidson and Rowan--9.


        Catawba, Burke, McDowell, Yancey, Mitchell, Watauga, Ashe, Caldwell, Alexander and Iredell--10.


        Graham, Cherokee, Clay, Macon, Swain, Jackson and Haywood--7.

Page 36



  • R. M. Pearson, Chief-Justice, Richmond Hill.
  • W. B. Rodman, Washing'n.
  • E. G. Reade, Washington.
  • W. P. Bynum, Charlotte.
  • W. T. Faircloth, Goldsboro.


  • Wm. R Cox, Raleigh.
  • John Kerr, Reidsville.
  • W. A. Moore, Goldsboro.
  • A. S. Seymour, Newbern.
  • A. A. McKoy, Clinton.
  • Mills L. Eure, Gatesville.
  • R. P. Buxton, Fayetteville.
  • D. Schenck, Lincolnton.
  • J. M. Cloud, Salem.
  • D. M. Furches, Statesville.
  • J. L. Henry, Asheville.
  • R. H. Cannon, Webster.


  • Geo. V. Strong, Raleigh.
  • O. P. Meares, Wilmington.


  • G. W. Brooks, Elizab'h City.
  • R. P. Dick, Greensboro.


  • S. A. Ashe, Raleigh,
  • T. M. Argo, Raleigh,
  • H. B. Adams, Monroe.
  • W. A. Allen, Kenansville.
  • A. C. Avery, Morganton
  • Thos. S. Ashe, Wadesboro'.
  • F. P. Axley, Hayesville.
  • J. B. Batchelor, Raleigh.
  • C. M. Busbee, Raleigh.
  • F. H. Busbee, Raleigh.
  • W. H. Battle, Raleigh.
  • D. A. Barnes, Murfreesboro'.
  • J. L. Bridgers, Jr., Tarboro.
  • G. W. Blount, Wilson.
  • Jacob Battle, Rocky Mount.
  • W. H. Bailey, Charlotte.
  • Rufus Barringer, Charlotte.
  • Luke Blackmer, Salisbury.
  • John E. Brown, Charlotte.
  • A. Burwell, Charlotte.
  • Battle & Mordecai, Raleigh.
  • A. L. Boyd, Wentworth.
  • J. A. Barringer, Greensboro.
  • H. R. Bryan, Newbern.
    Page 37

  • B. H. Bunn, Rocky Mount.
  • R. T. Bennett, Wadesboro.
  • A. L. Blow, Wilson.
  • Geo. H. Brown, Washington.
  • W. S. Ball, Greensboro.
  • W. C. Bowen, Jackson.
  • Rich'd C. Badger, Raleigh.
  • W. B. Candler, Homiley Creek. Jackson county.
  • D. M. Carter, Raleigh.
  • Walter Clark, Raleigh.
  • B. C. Cobb, Lincolnton.
  • Ed. T. Clark, Halifax.
  • H. G. Conner, Wilson.
  • E. Conigland, Halifax.
  • D. Brutz Cutler, Wilmingt'n
  • C. A. Cook, Warrenton.
  • Kerr Craige, Salisbury.
  • Churchill & Whiteside, Rutherfordton.
  • M. E. Carter, Asheville.
  • Cole & Legrand, Rockg'ham.
  • W. I. Crocker, Ashboro.
  • J. M. Clement, Mocksville.
  • J. G. Carson, Hendersonville
  • David Coleman, Asheville.
  • T L. Clingman, Asheville.
  • W. T. Dortch, Goldsboro.
  • A. B. Deans, Wilson.
  • Geo. Davis, Wilmington.
  • J. J. Davis, Louisburg.
  • Dowd & Walker, Charlotte.
  • D. J. Davane, Wilmington.
  • W. H. Day, Weldon.
  • G. W. Dillard, Webster.
  • A. T. & T. F. Davidson, Asheville.
  • K. Elias, Franklin.
  • Geo. B. Everitt, Winston.
  • Adam Empie, Wilmington.
  • L. C. Edwards, Oxford.
  • G. S. Ferguson, Waynesville
  • W. B. Ferguson, Waynesville
  • D. G. Fowle, Raleigh.
  • W. F. French, Lumberton.
  • J. A. Forney, Rutherfordton
  • H. T. Farmer, Flat Rock.
  • T. C. Fuller, Raleigh.
  • John Gatlin, Raleigh.
  • H. F. Grainger, Goldsboro.
  • A. W. Graham, Hillsboro.
  • J. A. Gilmer, Greensboro.
  • W. A. Guthrie, Fayetteville.
  • C. E. Grier, Charlotte.
  • J. W. Gidney, Shelby.
  • Jas. A. Graham, Graham.
  • J H. Graves, Hendersonville
  • H. A. Gilliam, Edenton.
  • H. A. Gudger, Marshall.
  • J. C L. Gudger, Waynesville.
  • W. A. Griffin, Elizabeth City
  • R. T. Gray, Raleigh.
  • E. G. Haywood, Raleigh.
  • A. W. Haywood, Raleigh.
  • E. G. Haywood, Jr., Raleigh.
  • John W. Hinsdale, Raleigh.
  • R. M. Henry, Waynesville.
  • R. B. B. Houston, Newton.
  • J. S. Henderson, Salisbury.
  • A. G. Hubbard, Newbern.
  • T. N. Hill, Scotland Neck.
  • A. Howell, Waynesville.
  • G. L. Hyman, Waynesville.
  • W. E. Hill, Faison's.
  • Geo. Howard, Tarboro.
  • R. L. Huske, Fayetteville.
    Page 38

  • J. H. Headen, Pittsboro.
  • John F. Hoke, Lincolnton.
  • J. C. L. Harris, Raleigh.
  • Hunt & Wright,
  • L. W. Isler, Goldsboro.
  • Armistead Jones, Raleigh.
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  • M. H. Justice, Rutherfordt'n
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  • Walter W. King, Danbury.
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  • R. G. Lewis, Raleigh.
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  • W. L. Love, Franklin.
  • D. L. Love, Webster.
  • Alex. London, Wilmington.
  • John London, Wilmington.
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  • J. M. McCorkle, Salisbury.
  • J. T. Morehead, Greensboro.
  • Mullin & Moore, Halifax.
  • John Manning, Pittsboro.
  • S. S. L. McCauley, Monroe.
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  • W. J. Montgomery, Concord.
  • Nath'l McLean, Lumberton.
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  • J. H. Merrimon, Asheville.
  • A. S. Merrimon, Raleigh.
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  • John Y. Phillips, Stokes Co.
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  • R. C. Puryear, Yadkin
  • W. W. Peebles, Jackson.
  • A. B. Pickens, Hendersonville
  • M. H. Pinnix, Lexington.
  • R. B. Peebles, Jackson.
  • W. H. Pace, Raleigh.
  • D. L. Reid, Wentworth.
  • M. L. Robins, Ashboro.
  • F. C. Roberts, Newbern.
  • W. W. Ray, Fayetteville.
    Page 39

  • John Rolen, Murphy.
  • D. L. Russell, Wilmingt o n
  • F. C. Robbins, Lexington.
  • Gen'l Roberts, Gatesville.
  • Thomas Ruffin, Hillsboro.
  • W. N. H. Smith, Raleigh.
  • Spencer & Timberlake, Louisburg.
  • L. M. Scott, Greensboro.
  • A. M. Smedes, Goldsboro.
  • Geo. H. Snow, Raleigh.
  • N. A. Steadman, Jr., Elizabethtown.
  • Shaw & Cobb, Lincolnton.
  • B. H. Sorsby, Nashville.
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  • W. L. Steele, Rockingham.
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  • Henry Savage, Wilmington.
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  • Spier Whitaker, Halifax.
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  • Jones Watson, Chapel Hill.
  • Jas. H. Wilson & Son, Charlotte.
  • C. F. Warren, Washington.
  • C. L. Winstead, Greensboro.
  • Watson & Glenn, Winston.
  • P. H. Winston, Windsor.
  • Jas. P. Whedbee, Eliz. City.
  • R. B. Watt, Yanceyville.
  • T. J. Wilson, Winston.
  • J. F. Wooten, Kinston.
  • D. C. Winston, Windsor.
  • B. B. Winborne, Winston.
  • J. H. Wilborne, Lexington.
  • E. C. Yellowly, Greenville.

Page 40


1492 October 12, Columbus discovered America.
1584 July 4, Amadas and Barlow approach the coast of N. C.
1663   Charter of Charles II, William Drummond, first Governor of North Carolina.
1678   John Culpeper's Rebellion.
1693   Carolina divided into North and South Carolina
1705   First Church erected in North Carolina.
1705   First Newspaper printed in the United States.
1710   Carey's Rebellion.
1729   Charter of Charles II, surrendered.
1765   Stamp Act passed.
1771 May 16, Battle of Alamance.
1774 August 25, Popular Assembly at Newbern.
1775 May 20, Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.
1775 June, General Washington commander-in-chief.
1775 June 17, Battle of Bunker's Hill.
1775 August, Josiah Martin, Royal Governor, retreated.
1775 December 9, Battle of Great Bridge, near Norfolk, Va.
1776 February 27, Battle of Moore's Creek, N. C.
1776 August 27, Battle of Long Island.
1776 December 12 Constitution of N. Carolina formed at Halifax.
1776 December 27 Battle of Trenton.
1776 Aug. & Sept. General Rutherford subdues the Cherokees.
1777 January 3, Battle of Princeton.
1777 Sept. 11, Battle of Brandywine.
1777 October 4, Battle of Germantown.
1777 October 7, Battle of Saratoga.
1778 June 28, Battle of Monmouth.
1779 March 3, Ashe defeated at Brier Creek.
1779 June 20, Battle of Stono, near Charleston.
1780 May 22, Surrender of Charleston.
1780 June 20, Battle of Ramsour's Mill.
1780 August 7, Battle of the Hanging Rock.
1780 August 16, Gates defeated at Camden.
1780 October 7, Battle of King's Mountain.
1781 January 17, Battle of the Cowpens.
1781 March 15, Battle of Guilford Court House.
1781 Septemb'r 8, Battle of Eutaw.
1781 October 19, Battle of Yorktown.
1783 January 20, Treaty of peace at Versailles.
1783 Septemb'r 3, England recognizes the Independence of the United States.
1787 May, Constitution of the United States formed.
1861 May 20, North Carolina seceded from the Union of the States.
1868 July 4, North Carolina readmitted to the Union.

Page 41


        LETTERS, and Matter wholly or in part in Writing, or in a Sealed Package, to any part of the United States, three cents per half ounce, or fraction thereof, to be fully prepaid.

        Drop or local letters at Post Offices having letter carriers, two cents per half once, or fraction thereof; at offices not having letter carriers, the rate is one cent per half ounce, or fraction.

        Letter rate of postage will be charged on all matter (excepting as below noted) that has any communication in writing, or by sings, excepting the correction of typographical errors, and upon all matter that is not so enclosed as to permit it to be examined without destroying the wrapper; and upon all matter in which any communication is concealed.

        Letters will be returned to the writer, free, if a request to that effect is placed upon the envelope.

        A letter will be forwarded by the Postmaster who may hold it to another post office, at the request of the person to whom the letter is addressed.

        Stamps cut from Stamped Envelopes are valueless.

        The weight of a letter packet must not exceed four pounds.

        POSTAL CARDS--Price one cent each, regardless of quantity.

        Nothing must be added to or pasted on a postal card, not even a pasted address, nor a piece of cord, nor an eyelet

        The address must be placed on the face, (or stamped side) of the card, and the communication, which may either be written or printed, on the back. Two, or more, advertisements can be printed, on the same card.

        They may be sent to any part of the United States, and are entitled to all the privileges of Letters, excepting that--

        1. They will not be returned to the sender.

Page 42

        2. They will not be advertised or sent to the Dead Letter Office, if not called for.

        3. If not delivered in sixty days they will be burned by the Postmaster.

        Any printed card may be sent through the mails, if prepaid with one cent stamp, providing it contains no written matter except the address, which, with the stamp, should occupy one side of the card.

        A card containing any scurilous or indecent communication will not be forwarded.

        Postal Cards prepaid with an additional one cent stamp can be sent to Canada, Newfoundland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland, Greece, Holland, Moldavia, Norway, Portugal Roumania, Russia, Servia, Spain, Sweeden, Turkey, Wallachia, Italy, Poland and Egypt.

        MISCELLANEOUS PRINTED MATTER, not exceeding four pounds in weight, one cent for each two ounces, or fraction thereof, prepaid by stamps.

        This class includes all productions of printing or lithography, and a few other articles, among which are the following:

        Book Manuscript. (Manuscripts or Proof Sheets belonging to other than book work are rated at letter rates.) Cards (printed), Chromos, Circulars, Engravings, Hand Bills, Lithographs, Maps, Music (sheet, Pamphlets, Posters.

        CIRCULARS, unsealed, not exceeding four pounds in weight, one cent for each ounce, prepaid by stamps.

        BOOKS, not exceeding four pounds in weight, one cent for two ounces, or fraction thereof, prepaid by stamps.

        All packages that are over the prescribed weight are subject to letter postage, and no package will be forwarded unless fully prepaid.


Prepared by G. W. & C.B. Colton & Co. 172 William St. New York.