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Women Register and Vote:
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League of Women Voters of North Carolina

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(caption title) Women Register and Vote
League of Women Voters of North Carolina
1 p.
Goldsboro, North Carolina
North Carolina League of Women Voters

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        It is the duty of every eligible voter, man or women, to vote, and thus take a responsible part in the government whose protection and blessings he or she enjoys.

        According to the State law, only those citizens may vote who have registered.

        For convenience each county is divided into voting precincts, or limited geographical divisions. Each precinct has an official registrar, by whom the voters in the precinct are registered. Learn who the registrar of your precinct is and where he may be found.

        The period for registration is from Sept. 30 to Oct. 23 inclusive

November 2nd is Election Day

        Women have proven themselves patriotic citizens in the past. They have answered every call to civic service. They will contribute their best to the State and Nation now by using their vote for better government.

        Let every woman in North Carolina register and vote.


200 Chestnut St. Goldsboro, N. C.