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Mecklenburg Female College,
Formerly North Carolina Military Institute:

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Mecklenburg Female College

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(caption title) Mecklenburg Female College, Formerly North Carolina Military Institute
Mecklenburg Female College
1 p.
[Charlotte?, N. C.]
[The College]

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Mecklenburg Female College,



        The buildings and grounds known as the North Carolina Military Institute, located in the City of Charlotte, having been secured for a term of years for the purposes of a Female College, the Institution has been opened with encouraging prospects. The irregular long Session for 1867 began January 29th, and will end July 29th,--Commencement Day. This Session is divided into two terms.

        Young ladies will furnish sheets, pillow-cases, towels, table napkins, and counterpane. Payment for second Term to be made May 1st.

        The standard of Scholarship will be as high as it is in our best Female Colleges. The first degree in Polite Literature will be conferred upon Young Ladies who complete the regular Literary and Scientific course.

        Particular attention will be given to the Primary Department. The President has had several years' experience in a Female College and in Seminaries, and has instructed to the satisfaction of patrons, pupils of all the leading Churches in this country.

        The magnificent College building, is perhaps the largest edifice devoted to female education in the Southern States. The grounds comprise an area of more than twenty acres, and are delightfully shaded with native oaks. The water is pure and cold.

        Charlotte is one of the most healthy, pleasant, and flourishing cities in the South; and as there is here an excellent Male Seminary, patrons may send their sons with their daughters to this centre of intelligence, refinement, and commercial and manufacturing enterprise.

        The school year for 1867-68 will commence October 1st, 1867. For full information in regard to terms, etc., apply to
A. G. STACY, Charlotte, N. C.


        Rev's. A. M. Shipp, D. D., W. A. Gamewell, C. Murchison, J. W. North, S. Lander, W. C. Power, N. Aldrich, Prof. G. F. Round, A. G. Stacy, and Major C. Dowd, W. J. Yates, J. H. Wilson, Gov. Z. B. Vance, Col. T. H. Brem, Dr. C. J. Fox, Capt. John Wilkes, W. M. Mills, M. L. Wriston, Col. C. M. Ray, Wm. T. Shipp, Col. J. Y. Bryce, and T. D. Gillespie.


        Rev's. A. M. Shipp, D. D., W. A. Gamewell, J. W. North, and Gen. D. H. Hill, Major C. Dowd, Col. Wm. Johnston, and Hon. Wm. Lander.