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Oxford Orphan Asylum (Oxford, N.C.)
Sixty-Sixth Annual Report of the Board of Directors and Superintendent of the Oxford Orphanage, Oxford, N.C., to the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, A.F. & A.M., for Year Ending December 31, 1938
Oxford, N.C.: Oxford (Masonic) Orphanage, 1939.


The Oxford Orphanage, proposed by prominent reformer and activist John Haymes Mills, became North Carolina's first orphanage when it opened its doors in 1873. The state's Grand Lodge of Masons established the orphanage and built it on land that was once part of St. John's College. The board of directors' 1938 annual report to the Grand Lodge emphasizes the high quality of life for children in the home. The report opens with a departmental staff list, which includes titles and educational credentials. The board of directors' report and the superintendent's report highlight events and significant contributions of the previous year, and they offer thanks to the orphanage's generous supporters. Enrollment information includes statistics on population movement, recent graduates, and counties of origin as well as names of orphans admitted and whether the orphans are of Masonic parentage.

The annual report also includes brief summaries from orphanage departments, including the dairy, electric, farm, garden, health, printing, shoe, and singing class departments. The principal's report from February 1939, details the students' scholastic achievements compared to state averages. The document also outlines student participation in Boy and Girl Scouts, home economics, the vocational agriculture program, and spiritual and religious events. It also lists outstanding facility needs. The report closes with financial statements ending December 31, 1938, and a treasurer's report, both of which emphasize the orphanage's dependence on private donations as well as its financial stability as it completes its tenth consecutive year of operations with a balanced budget.

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