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The Pickford Sanitarium.
For Consumptive Negroes. Southern Pines, N.C.:

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(title page) The Pickford Sanitarium. For Consumptive Negroes. Southern Pines, N.C.
[3 p.]
[Raleigh?, N. C.
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        Offers its advantages to Negroes suffering from throat and bronchial affections, and from lung troubles in their earlier stages.

        It is favorably located in the healthful pine belt of North Carolina, on high ground about half a mile west of the city of Southern Pines, on the Seaboard Line R. R., and near the trolley line connecting Southern Pines and Pinehurst.

        It owns four acres of land upon which three buildings have been erected. One of these, a fine building with sun parlors and ample piazzas, has just been completed for the especial use of women.

        This Institution is the only one in the South built and equipped for the special treatment of those diseases of the throat and lungs so prevalent amongst colored people.

        So far as practicable the management endeavors to carry out those plans and methods which are used

Page [3]

most successfully in Institutions of this kind at the North.

        Open from November to April.

        Terms, Fifteen dollars per month, payable in advance.

        All patients will be expected to conform strictly to the rules of the Institution.

        For further particulars address L. A. Scruggs M. D., General Manager.
21 East Worth St., Raleigh, N. C.