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North Carolina. Dept. of Public Instruction
Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of North Carolina, for the Year 1869.
Raleigh: M. S. Littlefield, 1869.
List of Illustrations

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School House No. 1.
House No. 1 is a frame house, 24x24 feet from outside to outside, and 12 feet high to the square, with an arched ceiling.
Plan of House No. 1.

School House No. 2.

Plan of House No. 2.

School House No. 3.

School House No. 4.

School House No. 5.

Plan of House No. 5.

School Room 28½ 23 feet, for 35 Pupils, with single Desks.

[School Rooms for 42, 48, 46 and 64 pupils, with double desks]

Design for a plain country School House.

Design for School House for 84 Pupils, with Basement.

Plan of House for 84 Pupils.

Plan for Village School.

Design for Log School House.

Plan of Log School House for sixty pupils.