Title: Oral History Interview with Strom Thurmond, July 20, 1978. Interview A-0334.
Identifier: A-0334
Interviewer: Banks, James G.
Interviewee: Thurmond, Strom
Subjects: South Carolina--Politics and government    
Extent: 02:38:24
Abstract:  Strom Thurmond had a long career as an attorney, judge, and governor in South Carolina before serving in the United States Senate. Here he addresses his childhood and the predecessors who inspired his lifelong work. Starting with his parents' farm, Thurmond explains how he learned to save and invest by working on local fields. His parents, he says, modeled ambition and diligence. Local leaders such as Benjamin Tillman introduced him to the world of politics and the rhetoric of race relations. Through the example of others, he developed his own appreciation for constitutional literalism and states' rights. Thurmond discusses how he argued for these issues in his book and during his terms in office. He also gives his opinion on the desegregation process he witnessed in South Carolina and envisions how he would have reacted to major issues such as slavery.