Title: Oral History Interview with John Hope Franklin, July 27, 1990. Interview A-0339.
Identifier: A-0339
Interviewer: Egerton, John
Interviewee: Franklin, John Hope
Subjects: North Carolina--Race relations    African Americans--Political activity    Tennessee--Race relations    African American college teachers    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  John Hope Franklin, legendary African American historian, shares some of his recollections from his early life in this interview, including his time spent as chairman of student government at Fisk, teaching at North Carolina College, and his record with the Southern Historical Association. The interviewer proposes some theses about race and history in the American South, and he and Franklin discuss various figures who flitted in and out of Franklin's life, and in and out of southern politics and activism. While Franklin does not offer any lengthy thoughts on race or civil rights in the South, the interview does provide insightful anecdotes about the storied lives of Franklin and his contemporaries.