Title: Oral History Interview with C. Vann Woodward, January 12, 1991. Interview A-0341.
Identifier: A-0341
Interviewer: Egerton, John
Interviewee: Woodward, C. Vann
Subjects: School integration--North Carolina    Segregation--North Carolina    Civil rights--North Carolina    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  At the age of eighty-two, C. Vann Woodward, one of the great lights of southern history, reflects on race relations in the American South, his own experiences in the region, and some of the contributions historians have made to the field. The interview is especially focused on southern attitudes toward segregation in the period between World War II and the mid-1950s, though it is certainly not limited to that time. The interviewer also proposes some of his theses on the civil rights movement to Woodward in order to elicit the historian's reaction.