Title: Oral History Interview with Herman Talmadge, November 8, 1990. Interview A-0347.
Identifier: A-0347
Interviewer: Egerton, John
Interviewee: Talmadge, Herman
Subjects: Democratic Party (Ga.)    Georgia--Politics and government    Republican Party (Ga.)    Southern States--Race relations    School integration--Georgia    Segregation--Georgia    
Extent: 00:50:19
Abstract:  Herman Talmadge served as the Democratic governor of Georgia from 1948 to 1955 (in addition to a brief stint in 1947), and went on to represent that state in the United States Senate from 1957 to 1981. In this interview, he shares his opinions on integration and race relations in Georgia. Talmadge, who opposed integration, claims that he did so to avoid tensions. He maintains that had the federal government stayed out of the South, states like Georgia would have integrated slowly but surely and with significantly less strife.