Title: Oral History Interview with John Raymond Shute, June 25, 1982. Interview B-0054-1.
Identifier: B-0054-1
Interviewer: Durrill, Wayne
Interviewee: Shute, John Raymond
Subjects: Farm life--North Carolina    Monroe (N.C.)--Race relations    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Born in 1904 in Monroe, North Carolina, John Raymond Shute found success in business and politics in his hometown. In this interview, he discusses nineteenth-century North Carolina history and his own experience contributing to the development of Monroe and Union County. Shute offers a great many details on county governance in Union County. Selected passages focus on the development of roads and farms and broader claims about the area. Researchers interested in other developments, especially the specifics of county governance, should read the interview in its entirety.