Title: Oral History Interview with Kathrine Robinson Everett, January 21, 1986. Interview C-0006.
Identifier: C-0006
Interviewer: Dean, Pamela
Interviewee: Everett, Kathrine Robinson
Subjects: Women lawyers--North Carolina    Women's rights--North Carolina    
Extent: 01:25:23
Abstract:  Kathrine Robinson Everett recalls a career as a trailblazing female lawyer and women's rights activist, though she rejects the title of pioneer. Robinson seized on the new opportunities available for women during World War I, securing a legal education while many men were abroad fighting. Her education and upbringing shaped her belief that women deserve equal treatment in work and life, a belief that drove her to join the women's movement, push for the Equal Rights Amendment, and join city politics in Durham, North Carolina. This interview offers researchers a perspective on the seeds of activism and, through one experience, the public lives of women in the twentieth century.