Title: Oral History Interview with William W. Finlator, April 19, 1985. Interview C-0007.
Identifier: C-0007
Interviewer: Jenkins, Jay
Interviewee: Finlator, William W.
Subjects: Civil rights movements--North Carolina    Baptists--Clergy--North Carolina--History--20th century    
Extent: 01:28:28
Abstract:  Longtime civil rights advocate Reverend William W. Finlator speaks powerfully about decades of activism and the future of rights in America. Finlator's activism was wide-ranging: he marched for integration in the 1950s and 1960s, joined vigils protesting capital punishment in North Carolina, and advocated for the rights of migrant workers. During a life of activism, he developed strong opinions about capital punishment, racism, the neglect of the poor, and what he saw as the pernicious influence of religion over politics. His most passionate language, however, is devoted to the defense of working people.