Title: Oral History Interview with Lloyd E. Griffin, August 20, 1982. Interview C-0135.
Identifier: C-0135
Interviewer: Bulla, Ben
Interviewee: Griffin, Lloyd E.
Subjects: Jordan, B. Everett    Griffin, Lloyd E.    North Carolina--Biography    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Lloyd Griffin was born and raised in Belvedere, North Carolina, in the early twentieth century. After finishing his education at Wake Forest College and Harvard Law School, Griffin underwent officer training and served overseas during World War I. When he returned to North Carolina following the war, he passed the bar exam and became involved in North Carolina politics. He served in the North Carolina Senate under Governor John Ehringhaus and then joined Ehringhaus's administration, where he served in various capacities for thirty-five years until his retirement in 1975. Griffin was one of the founding members of the North Carolina Citizens Association, a coalition of North Carolina businessmen who worked together to establish and advocate legislation that was conducive to business. Through the North Carolina Citizens Association, Griffin worked with B. Everett Jordan, a prominent North Carolina textiles businessman and United States senator. Griffin describes his views of North Carolina politics during the mid-twentieth century, focusing on his perception of Jordan's leadership style.