Title: Oral History Interview with James B. Hunt, October 3, 2001. Interview C-0332.
Identifier: C-0332
Interviewer: Fleer, Jack
Interviewee: Hunt, James B.
Extent: 01:58:34
Abstract:  In the third of three interviews, Governor James B. Hunt assesses his leadership and the changes that occurred to the Democratic Party during his tenure. He maintains that his education, transportation, and environmental policies had a positive impact and that his contributions in these areas were his legacy to the state. Reflecting on the changes to the Democratic Party during the course of his terms, Hunt describes himself as a consensus builder and a practical politician who views bipartisanship as a means to achieve real and effective change. Hunt began his first term as governor in 1976 and completed an unprecedented fourth term in 2001. He supported an amendment to the state constitution that would allow governors to serve multiple terms in office; the new law took effect during his first term. Those interested in his political tenure and in North Carolina politics in general will find this interview useful.