Title: Oral History Interview with Rosamonde R. Boyd, October 29, 1973. Interview G-0011.
Identifier: G-0011
Interviewer: Myers, Constance
Interviewee: Boyd, Rosamonde R.
Subjects: Equal Rights Amendment    Women--Suffrage--South Carolina    
Extent: 01:29:38
Abstract:  Rosamonde R. Boyd shares some observations on women's activism in the early twentieth century in this interview. She describes the evolution of young women's attitudes, from an assumption that they would teach and raise children after college in the 1910s and 1920s, to a conviction that they would enter the workforce in the 1930s. Boyd is torn between her belief in women's political and social equality and her distaste for blatant violations of traditional gender norms, such as when women wear pants. This interview reveals some of the ways in which even those women who were actively pushing for equal rights wrestled with their own assumptions about gender.