Title: Oral History Interview with Carroll Lupton, April 2, 1980. Interview H-0028.
Identifier: H-0028
Interviewer: Murphy, Mary
Interviewee: Lupton, Carroll
Subjects: Physicians--North Carolina--History--20th century    Burlington (N.C.)--Social life and customs    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  North Carolina doctor Carroll Lupton discusses his medical practice in Burlington, North Carolina, focusing primarily on the 1930s. Lupton returned to North Carolina to set up his general medical practice after completing his internship in New Orleans in 1933. He describes the economic conditions in the South during the Great Depression and offers anecdotes about the kinds of hardships people faced. Because of his interactions with his patients, Lupton's memories offer a unique lens for understanding the relationships and interactions among people in the working community. Lupton explains how he did his best to provide medical care to poor working class families in Burlington. He describes common medical procedures that he performed, such as tonsillectomies, and popular medical remedies that were typically used at the time. Special attention is given to the medical treatment of pregnant women and of venereal disease; Lupton describes the prominent role of Granny Lewis, the local midwife, in delivering babies in Burlington.