Title: Oral History Interview with Zelma Montgomery Murray, March 4, 1976. Interview H-0034.
Identifier: H-0034
Interviewer: Glass, Brent
Interviewee: Murray, Zelma Montgomery
Subjects: Textile workers--North Carolina    Textile industry--Technological innovations    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Two consecutive interviews are combined here, one each of Zelma Montgomery Murray and her husband Charles Murray. The couple speaks about their life in North Carolina mill towns and their jobs in the mills. They discuss the lack of control that workers had over their own lives: factories provided the housing and turned off the lights at prescribed bedtimes, company stores provided the only places to shop, and workers lived in relative isolation. The Murrays also recall how joining a union was not really a practical option given the level of control asserted by mill owners and the vulnerability of the workers. However, neither of the Murrays exhibits any self-pity or regret for the lives they've led.