Title: Oral History Interview with Junie Edna Kaylor Aaron, December 12, 1979. Interview H-0106.
Identifier: H-0106
Interviewer: Hall, Jacquelyn
Interviewee: Aaron, Junie Edna Kaylor
Subjects: Women in the textile industry    Farm life--North Carolina--Bynum    
Extent: 01:31:21
Abstract:  Junie Edna Kaylor Aaron grew up on her mother's farm in Catawba County, North Carolina, helping out when she grew old enough and eventually taking a position sewing gloves at a nearby mill. Aaron worked in the clothing industry until she was sixty-nine, moving from glove-making to hosiery to upholstery. In this interview she recalls her laboring life, touching briefly on the glove-making process, sex segregation in the clothing industry, and the lack of union traction in her trade.