Title: Oral History Interview with Roy Lee and Mary Ruth Auton, February 28, 1980. Interview H-0108.
Identifier: H-0108
Interviewer: Hall, Jacquelyn
Interviewee: Auton, Mary Ruth
Subjects: Textile workers--North Carolina    Women in the textile industry    Burlington (N.C.)--Social life and customs    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  "I've had a hard life, " Roy Lee Auton remarks in this interview. Auton moved through a number of jobs, fought in World War II and the Korean War, married three times, and was still working at the time of the interview at age sixty-seven. Auton's violent relationships with his first two wives dominate the stage in this interview, but the supporting cast includes reflections on a long laboring life, descriptions of the rhythms of mill and factory work, opinions on unions, and Auton's commitment to maintaining his dignity and independence at the factory or in his love life. This is an engaging interview with a self-reliant white southern laborer. Auton's wife, Mary Ruth, makes a very brief appearance at the end of the interview.