Title: Oral History Interview with Frank Gilbert, Summer 1977. Interview H-0121.
Identifier: H-0121
Interviewer: Dilley, Patty
Interviewee: Gilbert, Frank
Subjects: Textile workers--North Carolina    Furniture workers--North Carolina    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Frank Gilbert recalls his laboring life in and around Conover, North Carolina. Gilbert worked a variety of jobs in North Carolina industries and also taught and did odd jobs until settling into a sixteen-year stint as machine foreman at Conover Chair. Gilbert, who is joined at times by his wife during the interview, spends most of his time discussing his family background and work life. This interview offers some insights into rural, laboring life in western North Carolina and touches on some themes of interest to researchers: dealing with poverty during the Great Depression, the tenor of rural communities, narratives of laboring, and racial integration.