Title: Oral History Interview with George and Tessie Dyer, March 5, 1980. Interview H-0161.
Identifier: H-0161
Interviewer: Jones, Lu Ann
Interviewee: Dyer, Tessie
Subjects: Textile workers--North Carolina    Women in the textile industry    
Extent: 01:58:57
Abstract:  George and Tessie Dyer worked in Charlotte textile mills for much of their lives. This interview begins with a discussion of their childhood and the work that their parents and grandparents did. Tessie Dyer began working in Charlotte in 1926. She describes the variety of jobs she had within the mill as well as her relationship with coworkers. George describes his job as a cotton yarn spinner as well as other jobs he had in Virginia and New York. They recall the parties young adults would attend after work—they maintain that people enjoyed their lives despite the difficulty of their jobs. The Dyers also describe how Tessie's mother took care of their sons while they worked at the mill. The interview ends with their observations about union activity at the local mills and their opinion on whether the unions were useful. They both recognize that the lack of a strong union during their working years negatively influenced their financial security during retirement.