Title: Oral History Interview with Alice P. Evitt, July 18, 1979. Interview H-0162.
Identifier: H-0162
Interviewer: Leloudis, Jim
Interviewee: Evitt, Alice P.
Extent: 01:46:32
Abstract:  This interview provides a fascinating look at life in a southern mill town in the first half of the twentieth century. Alice Evitt, born in 1898, discusses growing up and raising a family in rural North Carolina. She describes life in a mill town near Charlotte, including the atmosphere of the cotton mill where she worked, her daily routine, and recreational activities. She also briefly recalls her participation in an unsuccessful strike in the 1930s. While Evitt describes a difficult life, she does not seem to look back on her mill experiences with any regret or resentment. There is a great deal of anecdotal information about mill town life in this interview as well. Researchers interested in a more complete picture may wish to read the entire interview.