Title: Oral History Interview with Eva Hopkins, March 5, 1980. Interview H-0167.
Identifier: H-0167
Interviewer: Jones, Lu Ann
Interviewee: Hopkins, Eva
Subjects: Children--Employment--North Carolina    Charlotte (N.C.)--Politics and government    Women in the textile industry    Textile workers--North Carolina--Health and hygiene    
Extent: 01:21:53
Abstract:  Eva Hopkins is a third-generation cotton mill worker who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. This interview includes her observations on what the Charlotte mill communities were like and why so many families worked together in the mill. She traces the tasks required in millwork through her experiences and those of her mother, then describes social activities like church, parties, movies, and swimming. Her earliest work experiences happened during the Depression, so financial need kept her on the job until federal policy forced her to leave for a year. She remembers occasional union activity though she did not join the local union. She also recalls some health hazards presented by the cotton lint in the mill and conditions in mill housing.