Title: Oral History Interview with Evelyn Gosnell Harvell, May 27, 1980. Interview H-0250.
Identifier: H-0250
Interviewer: Tullos, Allen
Interviewee: Harvell, Evelyn Gosnell
Subjects: Greenville (S.C.)--Social life and customs    Women in the textile industry    
Extent: 00:53:21
Abstract:  Evelyn Gosnell Harvell grew up on a farm owned by her father in Tygerville, South Carolina. In this interview, she recalls her family's life in Tygerville and more than three decades of mill work as a weaver. Harvell shares a number of characteristics with other mill workers interviewed in this collection: she enjoyed a rewarding childhood, she liked the work she did at the mill, and she was suspicious of unions. Harvell's brief answers to the interviewer's questions—and the interviewer's frequent use of yes-or-no questions—makes this interview more useful for gathering information than gaining a sense of life in the early twentieth-century rural South.