Title: Oral History Interview with Letha Ann Sloan Osteen, June 8, 1979. Interview H-0254.
Identifier: H-0254
Interviewer: Tullos, Allen
Interviewee: Osteen, Letha Ann Sloan
Subjects: Women in the textile industry    
Extent: 01:00:16
Abstract:  Letha Ann Sloan Osteen talks about her work as a child on her father's farm and in Poe Mill. She spent most of her life living in rural South Carolina in a family of eleven children, her father, stepmother, husband, and six children. Most of the interview deals with the specific tasks involved in working at a textile mill, including responsibilities, and how workers were treated by employers. She also discusses how families handled working in the mill together, common illnesses, wages, and the death of parents. In her experience, families tended to be large and migratory, often working together in mills throughout the region. That changed with the Great Depression, when jobs became so scarce that people were more likely to stay in one town and maintain smaller families.