Title: Oral History Interview with Lauch Faircloth, March 22, 1999. Interview I-0069.
Identifier: I-0069
Interviewer: Mosnier, Joseph
Interviewee: Faircloth, Lauch
Subjects: North Carolina--Politics and government--1951-    Industries--North Carolina--History--20th century    Industrial promotion--North Carolina    Industrial policy--North Carolina    Highway planning--North Carolina    Labor policy--North Carolina--History--20th century    Faircloth, Lauch (Duncan MacLauchlan)    
Extent: 01:30:28
Abstract:  North Carolina businessman and politician Lauch Faircloth describes his ascent through business and politics. As a businessman, Faircloth expanded from produce farming to concrete, timber farming, and hog growing. As a politician, Faircloth sought to create a business-friendly environment by discouraging union activity and building roads. Faircloth offers a look at the intersections between business and politics in a state concerned with growth and some of the strategies that attracted business to the state in the 1970s and 1980s.