Title: Oral History Interview with Robert Sidney Smith, January 25, 1999. Interview I-0081.
Identifier: I-0081
Interviewer: Mosnier, Joseph
Interviewee: Smith, Robert Sidney
Subjects: National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers (U.S.)    Hosiery industry--United States    Hosiery workers--United States    Smith, Robert Sidney    
Extent: 02:08:26
Abstract:  Robert Sidney Smith, president and CEO of the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers, discusses the hosiery industry in North Carolina and the United States, delving into its history, present challenges, and future. Smith describes the minutiae of hosiery business, such as the development of new techniques and technologies, as well as stepping back to evaluate the place of American hosiery manufacturers in the world market and the increasing need to market products as well as produce them.