Title: Oral History Interview with David R. Hayworth, February 6, 1997. Interview I-0099.
Identifier: I-0099
Interviewer: Darr, Dorothy Gay
Interviewee: Hayworth, David R.
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  David R. Hayworth's father started Hayworth Roll and Panel—"the first and oldest plywood company in North Carolina"—with his two brothers, creating what would become a nationally competitive office furniture company and a thriving family business. Hayworth's mother took over the High Point, North Carolina, company after her husband's death, eventually leaving control to her sons. In this interview, Hayworth recounts some of this family history, and chronicles some of the changes that have taken place in the furniture industry since the 1950s. These changes include the rise of major manufacturers who pushed out smaller companies with their ability to maintain dealerships around the country, as well as the advent of the open office system, the now familiar office layout that relies on partitions to separate workers. Hayworth Roll and Panel weathered these changes, and David R. Hayworth describes them, as well as the personalities who guided the company through difficult times. This interview will be of particular interest to researchers concerned with the intricacies of the furniture manufacturing industry.