Title: Oral History Interview with John Love, February 17, 1999. Interview K-0172.
Identifier: K-0172
Interviewer: Grundy, Pamela
Interviewee: Love, John
Subjects: School integration--North Carolina--Charlotte    West Charlotte High School (N.C.)    Charlotte (N.C.)--Race relations    Love, John W., Jr.    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  The dynamic John W. Love Jr. offers his thoughts on the history and culture of West Charlotte High School. Integration was no longer a significant issue by the time Love entered high school—he was in third grade when the process began—but Love, who is an African American, remembers the integration process and offers his thoughts on its long-term effects. Love, an actor, speaks with a great deal of élan about the remarkable cultural diversity of West Charlotte, but also the disagreements created by that diversity. Despite some problems, Love left West Charlotte with a strong sense of belonging.