Title: Oral History Interview with Taylor Barnhill, November 29, 2000. Interview K-0245.
Identifier: K-0245
Interviewer: Amberg, Rob
Interviewee: Barnhill, Taylor
Subjects: Farm life--North Carolina    Madison County (N.C.)    Barnhill, Taylor    Express highways--North Carolina    
Extent: 01:32:46
Abstract:  In this rich interview, Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition member (his precise role is unclear) Taylor Barnhill describes his rural childhood and its impact on his adult life. He is an environmental activist who decries the deleterious effects of development on rural North Carolina communities and wilderness. Barnhill aims his frustrations at road building and roadpaving—in particular those projects related to the I-26 corridor in Madison County, North Carolina—which he thinks open rural communities to a soulless world of consumption and interfere with natural evolution. He hopes to inspire communities to rally around conservation issues, not only for the sake of the state's air and water, but also to give community members a renewed sense of place.