Title: Oral History Interview with Raleigh Bailey, December 6, 2000. Interview K-0270.
Identifier: K-0270
Interviewer: Lau, Barbara
Interviewee: Bailey, Raleigh
Subjects: Immigrants--North Carolina    Vietnamese--North Carolina    Interracial adoption--North Carolina    
Extent: 01:16:13
Abstract:  After earning a Ph.D. in human nature and religion, and inspired by the progressive political climate of the 1960s, Raleigh Bailey moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, where he began working to ease settlement for immigrants attracted to the area because of its healthy job market and receptive attitude toward new arrivals. In this interview, Bailey describes his devotion to social justice, which manifests itself in his family life—he adopted a biracial child and an Eskimo child—and his career, working on behalf of a variety of different ethnic groups from Southeast Asia and the service program AmeriCorps. This interview offers insights into ethnic and racial identity, community relations, and assimilation.