Title: Oral History Interview with Saundra Davis, May 12, 1998. Interview K-0278.
Identifier: K-0278
Interviewer: Grundy, Pamela
Interviewee: Davis, Saundra
Subjects: School integration--North Carolina--Charlotte    West Charlotte High School (N.C.)    Second Ward High School (Charlotte, N.C.)    
Extent: 01:13:04
Abstract:  Saundra Davis, an African American woman who attended segregated schools, is a big believer in West Charlotte High School. In this wide-ranging interview, she shares her support for the school and her opinions on busing, diversity, and the somewhat limited success of integration. Using her children's experiences as examples, she speaks of her concerns that the promises of integration have not been realized, in part because white teachers are not committed to teaching black students and in part because the government is unwilling to devote resources to black communities. A believer in busing to create diversity, Davis nonetheless thinks that integration was doomed to failure because it was forced. Her story unfolds through anecdotes about her past life and her family's current life, and although she worries about the current state of schools, she is an unwavering supporter of West Charlotte High School.