Title: Oral History Interview with Renee Lee, December 19, 1999. Interview K-0284.
Identifier: K-0284
Interviewer: Thompson, Charles
Interviewee: Lee, Renee
Subjects: Hurricane Floyd, 1999    Floods--North Carolina    White Stocking (N.C.)    Disaster relief--North Carolina    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency    
Extent: 01:25:04
Abstract:  Renee Lee (who is joined by her daughter, Ashley) is a member of the White Stocking, North Carolina, community. Lee's trailer was ravaged by flooding after Hurricane Floyd. Thompson and Lee spend much of this interview discussing Lee's background and family life—her children, memories from childhood, and reflections on community life. At the end of the interview, Lee expresses her frustration with the government's sluggish and bureaucracy-laden relief effort, which seems needlessly complicated, especially in contrast to the Red Cross's efficient, simple relief program. Lee's response to the flooding seems typical of White Stocking residents—fierce loyalty to the area and confidence in the rebuilding effort coupled with despair at the extent of the damage and frustration with official relief programs.