Title: Oral History Interview with Johnnie and Kathleen Bratten, January 15, 2000. Interview K-0508.
Identifier: K-0508
Interviewer: Thompson, Charles
Interviewee: Bratten, Kathleen
Subjects: Hurricane Floyd, 1999    Floods--North Carolina    Disaster relief--North Carolina    Bratten, Johnnie    Bratten, Kathleen    Tick Bite (N.C.)    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Johnnie and Kathleen Bratten are longtime Tick Bite, North Carolina, residents whose home was completely destroyed in the flooding that accompanied Hurricane Floyd. At the time of the interview, the Brattens had received virtually no assistance from the government—just a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailer that let off fumes to which Kathleen was allergic. Instead, a group of religious groups and volunteers supplied the couple with money, appliances, and other aid. This outpouring of support and good will has strengthened their religious faith and belief in human kindness. This interview provides a snapshot of volunteer relief efforts and the extent to which church groups and other volunteers helped flood victims.