Title: Oral History Interview with Billy Ray Hall, January 20, 2000. Interview K-0509.
Identifier: K-0509
Interviewer: Thompson, Charles
Interviewee: Hall, Billy Ray
Subjects: North Carolina--Politics and government--1951-    North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center    Hall, Billy Ray    Hurricane Floyd, 1999    Floods--North Carolina    Disaster relief--North Carolina    Hurricane Fran, 1996    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  Billy Ray Hall, as President of the Rural Economic Development Center, coordinated North Carolina's clean-up and recovery efforts after Hurricane Floyd. In this information-rich interview, Hall discusses the scope of the damage in eastern North Carolina. He focuses on the economic effects of the flood, but briefly discusses the environmental impact as well, claiming that the much-feared hog lagoon flooding actually had only marginal impact. Hall describes how a lack of preparation stifled North Carolina's response to flooding and wind damage, but he thinks the ongoing recovery effort is going well and is optimistic about North Carolina's future preparedness. Hall does not describe at any length how North Carolinians affected by the flood responded to the disaster and its aftermath, and he does not go into detail about on-the-ground rebuilding programs.