Title: Oral History Interview with Rebecca Clark, June 21, 2000. Interview K-0536.
Identifier: K-0536
Interviewer: Gilgor, Bob
Interviewee: Clark, Rebecca
Subjects: African Americans--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    Lincoln High School (Chapel Hill, N.C.)    Clark, Rebecca    
Extent: 03:18:40
Abstract:  Rebecca Clark recalls living and working in segregated North Carolina. She finished her schooling in all-black schools, so the bulk of her experience with white people in a segregated context took place in the work world. There she experienced economic discrimination in a variety of forms, and despite her claims that many black people kept quiet in the face of racial discrimination at the time, she often agitated for, and won, better pay. Along with offering some information about school desegregation, this interview provides a look into the constricted economic lives of black Americans living under Jim Crow.