Title: Oral History Interview with Stella Nickerson, January 20, 2001. Interview K-0554.
Identifier: K-0554
Interviewer: Gilgor, Bob
Interviewee: Nickerson, Stella
Subjects: School integration--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    African Americans--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    Lincoln High School (Chapel Hill, N.C.)    Segregation in education--North Carolina--Chapel Hill    Nickerson, Stella    
Extent: 01:12:00
Abstract:  Stella Nickerson provides a relatively complete picture of her young life during the integration process. She describes a closely knit, harmonious black community in which she grew up without fear—a community that wove together elements of work, school, and religion. Integration transformed tightly disciplined black schools into more unruly places without ties to their communities. This interview is more useful as a source of information on the small goings-on of everyday life than it is as a source of broad evaluative statements about the integration of public education.