Title: Oral History Interview with Edith Warren, August 28, 2002. Interview K-0601.
Identifier: K-0601
Interviewer: Hartman, Leda
Interviewee: Warren, Edith
Extent: 01:07:08
Abstract:  Edith Warren, a state representative for North Carolina's Eighth District, can boast of a number of firsts: she was the first female principal in Pitt County and became the county's first female commissioner. In this interview, she describes the background that led her into education and politics, but spends most of her time describing the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd, which devastated the region in 1996. Spared serious damage to her own property, Warren was determined to help her community. She did so in ways big and small, taking food to needy residents and struggling with the state government to release funds held up by the state government. Researchers will learn a lot about Warren's character, Hurricane Floyd, and some of the difficulties that small communities face when dealing with big problems.