Title: Oral History Interview with George Miller, January 19, 1991. Interview M-0015.
Identifier: M-0015
Interviewer: Wells, Goldie F.
Interviewee: Miller, George
Subjects: African American high school principals--North Carolina    
Extent: 00:00:01
Abstract:  George Miller, a former principal in Wilkes County, North Carolina, discusses the importance of knowing the day-to-day inner life of the public school system. Miller emphasized honesty and mutual respect for teachers, staff, and students. His early endorsement of sexual education reflected this philosophy. To Miller, moreover, behavior management was vitally important in controlling the school. His supervision of every aspect of the school system—from student discipline procedures to housekeeping duties—reflects his military background. Miller also discusses the effects of public school desegregation in North Carolina, which yielded beneficial results for blacks academically. However, while desegregation also forced his white colleagues to acknowledge his requests for adequate resources for black students, Miller argues that his race limited his professional advancement.