Title: Oral History Interview with Ray Spain, January 26, 1990. Interview M-0029.
Identifier: M-0029
Interviewer: Wells, Goldie F.
Interviewee: Spain, Ray
Subjects: African American high school principals--North Carolina    
Extent: 00:56:37
Abstract:  At the time of this interview, Ray Spain was the principal of Bertie High School, the only high school in Bertie County, North Carolina. Here, he describes his management style and the challenges of his job. Spain, who took his position well after school desegregation, does not believe the process affected him, but he does think that by placing black and white candidates in competition for jobs, desegregation made it more difficult for black principals to find positions. Spain's limited commentary on race in education means that this interview may not be useful for scholars of desegregation and its legacy. Those interested in learning about a principal's job will find plenty of useful material.