Title: Oral History Interview with Robert Winston, January 26, 1991. Interview M-0030.
Identifier: M-0030
Interviewer: Wells, Goldie F.
Interviewee: Winston, Robert
Subjects: African American high school principals--North Carolina    
Extent: 00:43:11
Abstract:  Robert Winston, principal of Wake Forest-Rolesville High School in Wake County, North Carolina, describes his duties in this interview, answering the interviewer's checklist of questions about his daily responsibilities and his management style. Researchers interested in high school administration will find this portion of the interview useful. Those interested in the history of school desegregation in North Carolina or the role of race, however, will not find much to use: Winston shares his opinion that desegregation diminished the power of black principals, but a line of questioning on this subject is not pursued.