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Johnson Jones Hooper, 1815-1862 and Felix Octavius Carr Darley, 1822-1888, Illustrated by
Some Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers; Together with "Taking the Census," and Other Alabama Sketches. By a Country Editor with a Portrait from Life, and Other Illustrations, by Darley.
Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1845.
List of Illustrations

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"Now," continued the old she savage, "them's the severest dogs in this country." Page 151.
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"Mr. Suggs," said he, "I'd like to have an interest in your contract, and I m
willing to pay for it; I'll find the money to pay the Indian."

"Stand!" said he, as the old lady was climbing the fence.

"A paleness more ghastly than that of death come over the widow's face as she heard the sentence. Falling to the earth, she groveled at the feet of Captain Suggs."

"I rolled up my shirt sleeves—which it was a tolluble warm day, and my koat was off—and ses I, you see that hoss yonder."


"Mrs. Naron flew at the child with an energy that contrasted strongly with her oleaginous appearance; and seizing him by the middle, held him up inverted with one hand."

"'Now Andy,' said old Kit, replacing the cheese on Andy's nose."

"And thar lay Jess, which had stumped his toe agin somethin', right flat of his face, a-moanin' dreadful!"

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