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Thomas Bangs Thorpe, 1815-1878
The Hive of "The Bee-Hunter," A Repository of Sketches, Including Peculiar American Character, Scenery, and Rural Sports.
New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1854.
List of Illustrations

The Wild Turkey Hunter. (Frontispiece).

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Bob Herring's Camp-fire.


a, The level of the Mississippi, at its ordinary stage of water. b, The height of the spring rise. c, d, The "dry lakes." By examination of the above drawing, an idea may be formed of the manner of the rises of the Mississippi. The observer will notice that when the water is at a, the lakes c and d will be dry, affording a fine hunting-ground for deer,&c. When the water is at b, the lakes are formed, and arrow-fishing is pursued. (See description.) A correct idea may also be formed by what is meant by a water-line on the trees, indicating the last rise; the water-line will be formed of the sediment settling on the trees at the line b, marked above.


"The bowman draws his arrow to the head."--page 66.

The Big Bear of Arkansas.

"She approached the thick leafed table, and removed the covering, throwing it carelessly and gracefully aside."--page 153.

Mike Fink's Great Shot.

"There was a simplicity and beautiful wildness about the group, that would have struck the eye of the most insensible"--page 220.

"He stared wildly about him, and discovered the Indian form bending over him."--page 246.