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"The Abuse of the Press" (1)
"Account of Disturbances Which Have Lately Occurred at the University of This State" (Caldwell) (1)
"An Acrostic (His lady's reply)" (Horton) (1)
"An Acrostic (Mr. Davenports address to his lady)" (Horton) (1)
"An Acrostic (To their little daughter)" (Horton) (1)
"An Acrostic on the pleasures of beauty" (Horton) (1)
Acts of the General Assembly and Ordinances of the Trustees for the Organization and Government of the University of North-Carolina (North Carolina General Assembly) (1)
"Address Delivered before the Philanthropic and Dialectic Societies at Chapel Hill, June 20, 1832" (Gaston) (2)
Aeneid (Virgil) (2)
Alien Law (1)
American Annals of Education and Instruction (1)
An American Dictionary of the English Language (Webster) (1)
"American Poetry" (1)
The Art of Elocution (Vandenhoff) (1)
Article 41 (North Carolina Constitution of 1776) (1)
Astronomy Explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles (Ferguson) (1)
Benjamin Sherwood Hedrick (Hamilton) (1)
Bible (33)
The Bookmark (1)
Books in the University of North Carolina Library since before 1830 (Bahnsen) (1)
"A Brief Sketch of the Dialectic Society, 1848-'52" (Lewis) (1)
Buccolics (Virgil) (2)
California Bill (1)
A Call to the Uncoverted (Baxter) (1)
Carolina Quarterly (1)
A Catalogue of the Members of the Dialectic Society (1)
Catalogue of the Trustees, Faculty and Students of the University of North Carolina, 1867-68 (1)
Cato (Addison) (1)
Chapel Hill Weekly (1)
(Chapel Hill, NC) Columbian Repository (1)
(Chapel Hill, NC) The Harbinger (2)
"Charade" (Hall) (1)
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Byron) (1)
A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada (Irving) (1)
College English (1)
Commentaries (Caesar) (4)
Commentaries on the Laws of England (Blackstone) (1)
The Commonwealth of Oceana (Harrington) (1)
Composition-Rhetoric: Backgrounds, Theory, and Pedagogy (Connors) (1)
The Conquest of Peru (Prescott) (1)
Conscientious Objectors in the Civil War (Wright) (1)
"Considerations which should influence us in the Choice of a Profession" (Lacy) (1)
Corderii colloquiorum centuria selecta or, A Select Century of the Colloguies of Corderius (Cordier) (2)
Cornelii nepotis vitae excellentium imperatorum or, Lives of the Excellent Commanders (Nepos) (3)
A Course of Lectures in Natural Philosophy (Helsham) (2)
De Senectute (Cicero) (1)
Declaration of Independence (1)
Dialogues (Lucian) (2)
The Diary of James K. Polk, During His Presidency, 1845 to 1849 (Quaife) (1)
Dictionary of American English (Cassidy) (1)
The Disowned (Bulwer-Lytton) (1)
"Dissertation on the Association of Ideas" (Walkup) (1)
The Divine Comedy (Dante) (1)
"Elegy on a sore toe" (Hall) (1)
Elements of General History (Millot) (1)
Elements of History (Worcester) (1)
Elements of Logic (Whately) (3)
Elements of Logick (Hedge) (3)
Elements of Rhetoric (Whately) (1)
"Elisha Mitchell's Books and the University of North Carolina Library (Part 2)" (McVaugh) (1)
"Elisha Mitchell's Books and the University of North Carolina Library" (McVaugh) (1)
"Elogé de Louis Phillipe" (Bell) (1)
"The Emigrant Girl" (Horton) (1)
"An Enigma" (Hall) (1)
Epistles (Horace) (1)
Essay on Man (Pope) (2)
European Life and Manners (Colman) (1)
Eutropii breviarium historiae romanae (Eutropius) (1)
Exercises (Andrews) (1)
"Extracts from Byron" (Dusenbury) (1)
Fables (Aesop) (1)
Falkland (Bulwer-Lytton) (1)
Fayetteville Observer (1)
The Federalist (Hamilton) (1)
"Fingal: An Ancient Epic Poem" (Macpherson) (1)
"The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace, Imitated" (Pope) (1)
Force Bill (1)
"The Force of Habit, A Discourse Delivered to the Students of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March 31, 1833" (Hooper) (2)
Free Negro Code (1)
"Fremont in the South" (editorial) (1)
Georgics (Virgil) (1)
Gipsey and Infidel (1)
Grammatical Institute of the English Language (Webster) (1)
"The Graves of a Household" (Hemans) (1)
Greek Reader (Jacobs?) (1)
Guy Mannering (Scott) (1)
(Halifax, NC) North-Carolina Journal (1)
Hamlet (Shakespeare) (2)
Hebrew Melodies (Byron) (1)
"Henry Erskine" (1)
Hillsborough Recorder (4)
History of Greece (Mitford) (1)
History of New York (possibly Smith) (1)
History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Irving) (1)
The History of the Reign of Fedinand and Isabella the Catholic (Prescott) (1)
"Horace, Ode 3, Lib. 3" (Byron) (1)
Hours of Idleness (Byron) (1)
Hyperion (Longfellow) (1)
Iliad (Homer) (3)
"Influence on Ambition" (McCartney) (1)
Inquiries Concerning the Intellectual Powers, and the Investigation of Truth, with additions and Explanations to Adapt the Work to the Use of Schools and Academies, by Jacob Abbott (Abercrombie) (1)
An Inquiry into the Human Mind (Reid) (1)
International Copyright Law (1)
An Introduction to Latin Syntax (Mair) (3)
"Introduction" (Johnson) (1)
King Henry VIII (Shakespeare) (1)
King John (Shakespeare) (1)
King Richard the Third (Shakespeare) (1)
Lady of the Lake (Scott) (1)
"Lalla Rookh: Light of the Haram" (Moore) (1)
Last of the Mohicans (Cooper) (1)
"Laws and Regulations for the University of North Carolina" (2)
"Lay of the Last Minstrel"(Scott) (1)
Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres (Blair) (7)
Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind (Brown) (1)
"The Legend of Chapel Hill" (1)
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (Irving) (1)
Liberty (Thomson) (1)
The Life of George Washington (Marshall) (1)
Life of Marcus Brutus (Plutarch) (1)
Lincoln's Loyalists: Union Soldiers from the Confederacy (Current) (1)
"Lines Addressed to an Aged Poplar, Standing in the College Grove" (1)
"Lines Written on Visiting a Scene in Argyleshire" (Campbell) (1)
"[Louis] Kossuth" (Lacy) (1)
(Louisburg, NC) The American Eagle (1)
Louisiana Ordinance of Secession (1)
Magna Charta (2)
Memoria Technica, or Method of Artificial Memory (Grey) (2)
Metamorphoses (Ovid) (1)
"The Middle Ages" (Martin) (1)
"The Military Academy at West Point: System of Appointing Cadets" (1)
The Minstrel (Beattie) (1)
The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith (Goldsmith) (1)
"Miscellaneous Writings by Thomas B. Macaulay" (1)
"The Moral Subject in College Composition: A Conceptual Framework and the Case of Harvard, 1865-1900" (Jolliffe) (1)
Morrill Act (1)
"My Boyhood" (Saxe) (1)
"National Extravagances" (Hammond) (1)
Natural Theology or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity (Paley) (2)
(New Bern, NC) The Carolina Federal Republican (2)
New Orleans Daily Crescent (1)
New Orleans Daily Delta (1)
New York Herald (1)
(New York, NY) Commercial Advertiser (1)
North American or, Weekly Journal of Politics, Science and Literature (1)
The North Carolina Gazetteer (Powell) (1)
North Carolina through Four Centuries (Powell) (2)
The North Carolina University Magazine (8)
The North-Carolina Reader (Wiley) (1)
Novum Organum (Bacon) (1)
"Ode, Inscribed to John Howard, Esq. F. R. S. Author of 'The State of English and Foreign Prisons'"(Haley) (1)
Odes (Caesar) (1)
Odes (Horace) (2)
"On Ghosts" (Horton) (1)
Opera (Horace) (1)
"Oration De Omnibus Rebus et Quibusdem Aliis" (Delk) (1)
"Oration on An International Copy Right Law" (Williams) (1)
"Oration on Modern Literature" (Burton) (1)
"Oration on Monasteries" (Dickson) (1)
"Oration on the Abolishment of Capital Punishment" (Kelly) (1)
"Oration on the American Navy" (Green) (1)
"Oration on the Career of Mehemet Ali" (Phillips) (1)
"Oration on the Connection of Mathematics with Civilization" (Wetmore) (1)
"Oration on the Consequences of the Reformation" (Ruffin) (1)
"Oration on the Impropriety of the present system of Conferring Collegiate Honours" (Dancy) (1)
"Oration on the Incompatability of Intolerance with National Prosperity" (Shepard) (1)
"Oration on the Intimate Connexion between Law and Happiness" (Harrison) (1)
"Oration on the Life and Character of Nathaniel Macon" (Dancy) (1)
"Oration on the Propriety of Rewarding Merit" (Harrison) (1)
Orations (Cicero) (1)
Orations (Demosthenes) (1)
The Pantheon, representing the fabulous histories of the heathen gods, and most illustrious heroes (Pomey) (1)
Paradise Lost (Milton) (1)
"Parody"(Hall) (1)
A Pastor's Sketches, or Conversations with Anxious Inquirers Respecting the Way of Salvation (1)
Paul Clifford (Bulwer-Lytton) (1)
Pen, Ink & Evidence (Nickell) (1)
Philadelphia Inquirer (1)
(Philadelphia, PA) Gazette (1)
Philippics (Demosthenes) (1)
"The Pleasures and Pains of College Life" (Lacy) (1)
"The pleasures of a College life" (Horton) (1)
The Pleasures of Hope (Campbell) (1)
Poetical Quotations (1)
Pompeii (1)
The Power of Christian Benevolence; Illustrated in the Life and Labors of Mary Lyon (Hitchcock) (1)
The Principles of Greek Grammar (Bullions) (1)
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy (Paley) (2)
The Prisoners' Memoirs or, Dartmoor Prison (Andrews) (1)
"The Progress of Poesy" (Gray) (1)
Progressive Exercises in English Composition (Parker) (1)
A Pronouncing, Explanatory, and Synonymous Dictionary of the English Language (Worcester) (1)
"A Psalm of Life" (Longfellow) (1)
Quentin Durward (Scott) (1)
The Raleigh Minerva (1)
Raleigh Register (5)
Raleigh Register and North-Carolina Gazette (5)
(Raleigh, NC) North Carolina Standard (2)
(Raleigh, NC) Semi-Weekly Standard (1)
(Raleigh, NC) Star (2)
Rasselas (Johnson) (1)
Register of Members of the Philanthropic Society, Instituted in the University of North Carolina, August 1st, 1795 (Weeks) (1)
The Religion of Geology and Its Connected Sciences (Hitchcock) (1)
"Reverence for the Past" (Mullins) (1)
"Revolutionary History—North Carolina" (1)
Richard III (Shakespeare) (1)
The Rights of Women (Wollstonecraft) (1)
Rip Van Winkle (1)
The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul (1)
"Rural Economy" (1)
Sacred Songs (1816) (1)
The Semi-Weekly Raleigh Register (1)
Senior and Junior Orations (2)
"She Walks in Beauty"(Byron) (1)
The Siege of Corinth (Byron) (1)
Sketch Book (possibly Irving) (1)
"Song of the Stars"(Bryant) (1)
"Speech at Bristol Previous to the Election, 6 September 1780" (Burke) (1)
"Speech of Mr. James McDowell, of Virginia, on the formation of governments for New Mexico and California. Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 23, 1849"(McDowell) (1)
"Speech upon the Panama Mission" (Webster) (1)
"Spring" (Thomson) (1)
The Spy (Cooper) (1)
"Stanzas Written in Passing the Ambracian Gulf"(Byron) (1)
"The Star-Spangled Banner" (Key) (1)
(Staunton, VA) Vindicator (1)
"Stray Leaves of History—No. 1" (1)
A Synopsis of Practical Mathematics (Ewing) (2)
The Task (Cowper) (1)
Teacher's Assistant in English Composition (Walker) (1)
Theodosia, The Pirate's Prisoner (Rhodes) (1)
"This World Is All a Fleeting Show"Moore) (1)
The Tragedy of Othello (Shakespeare) (1)
Traité des études (The Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles-Lettres) (Rollin) (1)
A Treatise of Algebra (Simpson) (1)
Twelfth Night (Shakespeare) (1)
A Universal and Critical Dictionary of the English Language (Worcester) (1)
"University in a City, University in the Country" (Lacy) (1)
US Constitution (7)
"Utilitarianism" (Hall) (1)
Utopia (More) (1)
View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages (Hallam) (1)
"Virginia and South Carolina," (Staunton, VA) Vindicator (1)
(Washington, DC) National Intelligencer (2)
Waverly (Scott) (1)
Webster's Dictionary (1)
"What is Life?" (1)
"Whether the diversities of individual character be owing more to moral or to physical causes" (Lacy) (1)
"Winter" (Thomson) (1)
Worcester's Dictionary (1)
Works (Addison) (1)
Writing Groups: History, Theory, and Implications (Gere) (1)
"Ye Mariners of England" (Campbell) (1)